Australian Mobile Advertising Grew 81% In 2014

Australian Mobile Advertising Grew 81% In 2014

Mobile ad platform InMobi has released its latest annual Mobile Insights Report for Australia, revealing mobile advertising on its network grew 81 percent in 2014.

More than 21.4 billion ad impressions were served on its network in Australia last year, an increase from 11.8 billion in 2013. The report also indicated that in-app advertising increased 97 percent in 2014 and now accounts for 86.5 percent (18.54 billion) of all ad impressions.

“The rapid shift in consumer behaviour is driving this significant growth in mobile advertising in Australia, as more and more people rely on their mobile devices for a larger proportion of their daily activities, whether for work or personal use,” said Jon White, regional director and GM for InMobi in Australia and New Zealand.

“This opens up a gold mine of opportunities for brands and advertisers to focus a greater proportion of their strategies away from more traditional forms of advertising towards the mobile experience, where consumer behaviour is showing no signs of slowing down.”

According to the InMobi Mobile Insights Report, strong network growth in Australia was driven by a massive 100 percent increase in advertising on tablet devices and a 76 percent increase on smartphones in 2014. While smartphones still account for a significant proportion of all mobile advertising (67.3 percent), tablets are gaining share (see Table 1) as more brands and advertisers shift their focus towards mobile.

Table 1: Volume of impressions in Australia 2013-2014 (millions)

2013Share of Impressions2014Share of Impressions% Change
Feature Phones163.771.4%69.820.3%-57%
Total impressions11,826.4321,429.4981%

(Source: InMobi Insights, February 2015)

The InMobi report also indicated that in-app advertising continues to increase its lead over mobile web (Table 2), which accounted for 2.89 billion of the 21.4 billion impressions on InMobi’s network in Australia in 2014, a 7.1 percent share decline from 2013. Apps on the other hand, accounted for 18.5 billion of the total ad impressions in 2014, an increase of 97 percent over 2013.

“Australian consumers are accessing more and more mobile apps on a daily basis, which was highlighted in our Mobile Media Consumption Report last year, with Australians now spending 89 percent of their time using apps and 10 percent on mobile web,” said White. “It’s hardly surprising that in-app advertising now dominates all ad impressions on our mobile ad network in Australia, reflecting both an increase in audience size, as well as an increase in activity.

Table 2: In-app vs Mobile Web Volume of impressions – Australia 2013-2014 (millions)

2013Share of Impressions2014Share of Impressions% Change
Mobile Web2,436.2420.6%2,892.9813.5%19%

(Source: InMobi Insights, February 2015)

InMobi’s Mobile Insights Report also revealed Apple’s iOS devices gained 1.6 percent share over Android in Australia in 2014 to reach 68.1 percent. Android’s share remaining unchanged at 30.4 percent. While Apple dominance in smartphones continues to wane with the rise of Android, new tablets are ensuring that Apple retains its number one position as the top operating system on the InMobi network.

Table 3: Top operating system share of impressions in Australia

20132014% change

(Source: InMobi Insights, February 2015)


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