Heston heads to the big screen for Coles

Heston heads to the big screen for Coles

Supermarket giant with the large red foam finger is set to hit the big screen for its latest Heston for Coles range.

The campaign was created by media agency UM Melbourne and will span over four weeks, targeting key areas for Coles’ customers.

Aaron Perry, UM Melbourne group director said: “The ability of Cinema to tightly target affluent pockets of our market, coupled with its enhanced recall and impact metrics, make its inclusion an obvious one.”

Daniel Hill, managing director of Val Morgan, also suggests the cinema is sometimes an overlooked area for brands.

“Cinema is an ideal yet sometimes overlooked opportunity for retail advertisers and FCMG brands,” he said.

Moviegoers are by definition out of the home and in close proximity to purchase. With precision targeting by geography, it provides a really powerful inclusion to advertisers screen strategy.

According to the release, four out of ten moviegoers head into some form of shopping after seeing their favourites on the big screen, and with many cinemas located in large shopping complexes, nine out of ten people shop for groceries in the same location.

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