Could Mobile Apps Be The Future Of Sneakers?

Could Mobile Apps Be The Future Of Sneakers?

A crowdfunding campaign has raised over US$33,000 to create sneakers, called ShiftWear Classics, which can display HD-quality images and animations right on the sneakers through a mobile app.

The sneakers are being marketed on crowdfunding site Indiegogo as “the most adaptable shoes you’ll ever own, customized straight from your smartphone”. The shoe is the latest in bendable, wearable, waterproof HD displays, mixed with the mobile technology to power it all from your phone or tablet.

The shoe developer David Coelho said the inspiration for the shoes is the constant demand for buying new kicks: “How much do you spend each month to keep your sneakers looking fresh? With every new outfit, every color scheme, every change of venue, you’re back at the sneaker store to touch up your look with those perfect kicks. Chalk it up to the cost of looking good, as you put more money into the pockets of sneaker manufacturers who get to dictate what you wear next”.

The app (compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices) connects to a design marketplace where the wearer can create, select, customise and display images on the sneaker. The wearer can also create their own designs and share them with friends or sell them. The app is a mixture of a design software, marketplace and social network.

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