MAN UP: One Bloke’s Mission To Save Aussie Men

MAN UP: One Bloke’s Mission To Save Aussie Men

Man Up is a project that aims to get to the bottom of the male suicide crisis. The project includes; a documentary series screened on the ABC, a content driven social media campaign, and a scientific research project.

Man Up was principally financed by the Movember Foundation in association with the University of Melbourne. It was produced in association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and is an Heiress Films Production.


The three part-part documentary series will air on ABC TV and ABC iview at 8.30pm on Tuesday nights, beginning October 11. Hosted by Triple M radio personality Gus Worland, the series aims to explore why there are so many male suicides in Australia each year. In doing so, the project aims to effect real social change and hopefully even save a few lives.

Harden up. Suck it up. Man Up. We’ve been telling our boys and men this for years, but it turns out this is a health risk. Suicide is now the leading cause of death for Australian men aged 15-44 and alarming new research suggests that some men choose to take their own life, rather than appear weak by asking for help.

Man Up follows salesman-turned radio star Gus as he traverses the hairy world of masculinity. Having lost a best mate to suicide, Gus is on a mission to find out why we’re losing our men. He meets with the men and families who have been impacted, and the incredible groups who are making a difference.

Gus’ journey leads him into the world of advertising where he enlists some of the country’s top advertising minds to help him get the message out to as many people as possible. However, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and like all best-laid plans, this one is about to go sideways.

Can Gus dig deep and get back on track? Or is he fighting a losing battle? Gus’ journey, often funny, is necessary viewing for every man and the people in their lives.


Following the airing of the series, an extensive social campaign will continue the conversation. Extensive footage, tips and tools for blokes, and entertaining moments of Gus’ journey have been captured and housed at

Jump onto the website to check all the facts, extra clips and to join the conversation. It could save a life. This content will continue to be disseminated post the final episode of MAN UP. We want you to help keep the movement going. You can visit the site now, as well as follow Gus’ journey @manuptvseries #ManUp and #ABCMANUP.


Man Up is a sincere attempt to get people to change their attitudes about what it means to be a man, and some of the potentially damaging behaviours we expect of men.   As such, the series is being scientifically evaluated by the University of Melbourne.

The team there, headed by Professor Jane Pirkis is looking at understanding whether there is a measurable shift in help seeking behaviour and attitudes to masculinity after viewing the series. These results will be made available during the series.


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