Lynx Attempts To Liberate Men From “Pressure And Bullsh-t” Of The ‘Manly Man’

Lynx Attempts To Liberate Men From “Pressure And Bullsh-t” Of The ‘Manly Man’

Men don’t need rock hard abs or fancy cars to be attractive, says deodorant brand Lynx in its new campaign. It all comes down to individuality.

In a diverse TVC spot, the campaign ‘Find your Magic’ sees a multitude of different men with different features show off how comfortable they are with themselves. It’s a body confidence issue Lynx marketing director, Jon McCarthy, said is within a lot of men.

“Lynx is a brand that’s always been about attraction. We know from years of research that what makes a guy attractive is…him. His strengths, his weaknesses, his individuality and most of all how he expresses it.

“But despite that, a lot of guys don’t feel comfortable being themselves. Because they’re afraid of what people will say, of being labelled, of embarrassment. Afraid that what’s unique about them isn’t considered attractive or acceptable.

“We want to change that.”

The campaign as created by ad agency 72andSunny Amsterdam – it’s already rolled out in the UK and the US.

“Lynx has always been at the forefront of culture. With Find your Magic we’re out to liberate guys from pressure and bullshit, and empower them to be the most attractive men they can be – themselves,” said Carlo Cavallone, executive creative director of 72andSunny Amsterdam

Findings from a Lynx study of 3500 men in 10 different countries show many still feel pressure to conform to masculine stereotypes, and that male confidence is “shockingly low”.

And when it comes to the ladies, nine out of ten reckon a guy who’s themselves is much more attractive than the typical ‘manly’ men.

“We’re living in an era of unprecedented freedom and acceptance — and yet what we’ve seen is that a lot of men still feel huge pressure to look and behave a certain way in order to be seen as attractive,” said Michael Coden, Lynx senior brand manager

Trying to be like the overly fit figures displayed in many communications is not just limited to men. A report last week showed images of the ‘super-fit’ woman hindered women’s body confidence. However, many health mag editors argue the more realistic images are “empowering”.

Nevertheless, Lynx is trying to do away with the masculine stereotype in its new campaign, which will span across TV, print, outdoor and various digital media.

The smell brand is also going to dabble in native content, sponsoring a multitude of posts promoting real men, and launching Instagroom for all those who want their style questions answered via video and imagery.

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