Kinderling Kids Radio Changes Up Parenting Programs

Kinderling Kids Radio Changes Up Parenting Programs

This year, parenting programs Kinderling Conversation and The Parent Panel are making the leap from the airwaves and onto devices.

Kinderling Conversation, the daily parenting program on Kinderling Kids Radio, is getting a refresh with a new name – Feed Play Love – as it moves homes to live at Kinderling’s sister-company, Babyology, alongside its other parenting podcasts.

In the process, the show will be moving away from live-broadcast to 100 per cent on-demand listening as a podcast, offering the same great bite-sized interviews, professional and expert advice and stories from real families.

Ella Walsh, group managing editor at Babyology and Kinderling, said it’s a change that makes total sense.

“We asked our Kinderling audience how they listen to Kinderling Conversation, and overwhelmingly, they listen via podcast,” she said.

“Parents are busy – they want to listen when and where it suits them. And we’re really excited to have the opportunity to introduce this terrific show to our Babyology audience of highly engaged Australian parents.”

Feed Play Love host Shevonne Hunt said she’s excited about the future of the show.

“The idea for the show has always been to help parents feel supported. Moving to Babyology means we can reach more parents and carers,” she said.

“Plus, I love podcasts. It’s such an easy way to listen.”

Feed Play Love will continue popular segment ‘Helpline’ with author and mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue.

Helpline will be just one of the regular episodes of Feed Play Love, but will be the only episode where listeners can tune in via the Babyology Facebook page to ask Chris their parenting questions; covering everything from bringing baby home, to managing sibling rivalry and toddler tantrums.

Furthermore, The Parent Panel, also hosted by Hunt, will be joining Feed Play Love in the Babyology stable.

The Parent Panel is a weekly podcast that pulls apart the experience of modern family life; where two prominent Australian parents join Hunt to laugh and debate their way through the news of the week.

Previous guests have included author and columnist Clementine Ford, comedian Merrick Watts, Survivor star Steve ‘Commando’ Willis, and Mummytime founder and influencer Chezzi Denyer

Feed Play Love launched on Monday, while The Parent Panel will return on Friday. Both podcasts will be continue to be produced by Elise Cooper.

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