IKEA Launches VR App All About Eating Swedish Meatballs

IKEA Launches VR App All About Eating Swedish Meatballs

Virtual reality has been hailed a game changer for real estate, fast food packaging, children’s toys, fashion and porn, But now virtual reality has revolutionised the one thing we all love, IKEA’s Swedish meatballs.

Earlier this month, Ikea rolled out a VR “experience” that allowed the user to build a virtual kitchen. According to the press release, the kitchen app is “intended to solicit consumer feedback as IKEA continues to explore the possible implications of the technology for the home.

“Using an HTC Vive headset, consumers can use the app to explore one of three differently-styled kitchen room settings. The user can change the color of cabinets and drawers with a click. Another feature is the ability to view the kitchen from different perspectives by either shrinking or stretching yourself to move around the kitchen at the size of a 3.3 foot-tall child or a 6.4 foot-tall adult.”

The most recent update lets users shovel thousand of virtual Swedish meatballs or vege balls down their gullet while in the virtual kitchen.

The meatball update is paying off for the brand. The YouTuber (below video) admitted that they spent 44 minutes throwing meatballs around a virtual kitchen and loved every second.

A Reddit feed about the app has over 50 comments of people excited about being able to eat virtual meatballs: “The reviews for the game make me want to visit the fantastical wonderland that is Ikea more than the actual game does.”

“I’ve been looking for the ultimate IKEA meatball experience and it’s finally here.”

“I put someone in this experience earlier today. The physics on the meatballs are actually, no joke, the best I have ever seen on anything anywhere in any game ever.”

“Got to love those meatballs!”

“Thanks god, it was completely unnatural without meatballs.”

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