Heinz Forced To Apologise For Saucy Adult QR Code

Heinz Forced To Apologise For Saucy Adult QR Code

When scanning a QR code you would expect to be transferred to a site relevant to whatever the QR code is placed on. Generally, you’d probably not think you’re about to be shown a hardcore porn site.

And yet, that is what happened to a man who whipped out his phone to hold over the black and white splotchy little square.

The QR code was on a Heinz Ketchup Bottle and the mix up was because the campaign Heinz had been running was using that QR code had expired in 2014. So now when scanning it linked to a definitely not-safe-for-work site.

As per The Guardian, the QR campaign had been for Heinz’s campaign ‘Spread the word with Heinz’ with the domain name ‘sagsmithheinz.de’. However, once the competition closed, a German adult site bought the domain name.

And lo and behold we have an un-expecting Daniel Korell accidentally looking at porn on his mobile phone.

“The bottle may be a remnant, but it is certainly still present in many households,” The Guardian reported Korell telling Heinz (as the post on Facebook is all in German). “It is incomprehensible that you cannot secure the domain for at least one or two years. A .com domain really does not cost the world.”

To which Heinz replied (according to our use of Google Translate), it “really regrets” the incident, and “as an apology” offered him the chance “to create your own label”.

“We will send you the bottle of course free of charge.”

And the porn site got in on the action as well, offering Korell a free year-long subscription to its service.

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