Goodlife Uses Real Members, Not Models, In New Campaign

Goodlife Uses Real Members, Not Models, In New Campaign

Goodlife Health Clubs has launched a brand new campaign ­– A Day in the Goodlife – which features real members, not models, to reinforce the role that physical fitness plays in enhancing quality of life.

The video series follows a single day in the life of four members, each with their own obstacles – big and small – to overcome, showcasing the positive flow on effects that exercise can have beyond the gym walls.

From Marion Keane (below), a 75-year-old power-lifter who is bucking the trend and becoming stronger with age, through to Josh Wood, a complete quadriplegic who was determined to prove his doctors wrong after being told he would never walk again, A Day in the Goodlife uses real people instead of models to inspire others.

One of the Goodlife members involved in the series, Helen Yost, works in a physically demanding career as a plumber.

“When I first started my apprenticeship I was told ‘women don’t plumb’. From that moment on I was determined to prove everyone wrong,” Yost said.

“Building my strength and maintaining my fitness helped me fight against that stereotype. Goodlife has given me the confidence to set an example for my female colleagues, clients and my daughters.

“I hope that by sharing my story, I can inspire others to step out of their comfort zones and be the best version of themselves.”

You can watch other videos from A Day In The Goodlife here.

Goodlife Health Clubs head of marketing Jay Baikie said the concept of the campaign came from wanting to work with extraordinary people with real stories and show how a single decision to improve their health and fitness has changed their lives.

“Goodlife has a member base of more than 220,000 people, each with their own incredible stories and obstacles to overcome,” he said.

“We want to help people overcome the barriers that prevent them from taking the first step on their health and fitness journey by sharing real stories that are not just aspirational, but achievable.

“Whether your goal is to triumph over adversity, become a better parent, partner or colleague, or simply doing it for yourself, we are committed to getting people active and achieving great things.”


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