Get Giddy For Rio And Watch The Ten Most Shared Olympic Ads Ever!

Get Giddy For Rio And Watch The Ten Most Shared Olympic Ads Ever!

Yesterday marked 100 days until the summer Olympic Games kick off in Rio, and social media went bonkers with countdown celebrations.

In the spirit of adland, video ad tech company Unruly celebrated by delving into its algorithms to discover the ten most shared Olympic ads of all time.

While the below ads have been shared thousands, if not millions, of times, Unruly said it expects a number of ads for this year to be close contenders.

“Brands will be going all out to be faster, stronger and higher this summer, so we are fully expecting some new ads to be joining the list over the next few months,” the company said in a blog post.

Many of the ads are from global brands such as P&G and Nike, and evoke inspiration, happiness, pride and hilarity.

1. P&G’s Thank you mama

Times shared: 2,445,774

2. P&G – Pick them back up

Times shared: 694,834

3. Canadian Institute For Diversity And Inclusion – LUGE

Times shared: 318,529

4. Nike – Find your greatness

Times shared: 198,527

5. Adidas – Team GB don’t stop me now

Times shared: 196,665

6. Channel 4 – Gay Mountain

Times shared: 132,932

7. EDF Energy – EDF Energy Feel Better Energy TV Advert feat. Zingy Together In Electric Dreams

Times shared: 116,252

8. P&G – Thank You, Mom | Tough Love

Times shared: 100,013

9. Mini UK – All stand please for the MINI horn section

Times shared: 84,520

10. Nike Russia – представляет: Just Do It

Times shared: 81,496 shares


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