Fighting The Seven Deadly Sins Of Video Content

Fighting The Seven Deadly Sins Of Video Content

Video content agency RedBikini is fighting ‘the seven deadly sins of video content’ in an effort to lend its expertise to more organisations producing their own film.

“We want to show people how easy it is to consistently produce great content,” RedBikini creative director Wayne Cunningham said.

The tips are summarised in a short RedBikini clip and are:

  1. Audio. Viewers will pretty much forgive everything else but if they can’t hear you clearly, you will lose them in seconds.
  2. Don’t move the camera. Imagine you are taking photos not video – point, film, stop and reposition.
  3. Get up close. Big wide shots of people don’t work. In meetings you don’t sit five metres away from people and you shouldn’t in video.
  4. Use lighting. Interior lighting can often look very flat and lifeless. If you can afford it, hire or buy some video lights, use one behind your subject as a back light, use another facing them on one side as a key light and a third on the other side as a fill.
  5. Think about your setting. Try not to film against a boring backdrop. Consider what is behind you and try to make it look as interesting as possible – go outside if the inside isn’t working.
  6. Use our KISS principle – Keep It Short Spielberg. However long you think you video should be, it should be at least half that length. As hard as it is to accept, the shorter your video, the more likely people will watch it.
  7. Use the best camera you can afford.

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