Facebook Launches New Ad Tools For Clients To Capitalise On TV And Mobile

Facebook Launches New Ad Tools For Clients To Capitalise On TV And Mobile

As Advertising Week ramps up in New York City,  Facebook has announced updates to help advertisers take advantage of TV and the shift to mobile, giving people a better ads experience.

Since February of this year, Facebook has seen 25 per cent growth in the number of active advertisers and now has 2.5 million advertisers using the platform to connect people and businesses. These connections are increasingly happening on mobile and Facebook is working to build the tools advertisers need to reach people on mobile and effectively measure the impact of mobile campaigns.

Here’s a quick overview of the announcements:

TRP Buying

Knowing that TV and Facebook complement each other, Facebook is introducing a way for advertisers to buy video ads by using Target Rating Points (TRPs) as the metric. Marketers can plan a campaign across TV and Facebook with a total TRP target in mind and buy a share of those TRPs directly with Facebook.

“TV ad campaigns supplemented by Facebook advertising provide an ideal combination for marketers to both reach large audiences and build their brands,” said Graham Mudd, director of ads product marketing, Facebook.

“Now we’re making it even easier to extend and augment TV campaigns through the introduction of TRP Buying, so advertisers can plan, buy and measure Facebook ads using the same guarantees and Nielsen verification they’re used to with TV.”

Brand Awareness Optimisation

A new solution that enables advertisers to maximise and better measure brand awareness generated by Facebook campaigns by optimising reach and attention (time people spend viewing an ad).

“Increasing brand awareness is the first step toward building and maintaining a strong brand and ultimately driving business results. Our research has found that maximising reach while boosting attention, or the time people spend viewing an ad, produces the most effective results, so we’re excited to launch a new way to effortlessly optimise campaigns in exactly this way,” said Mudd.

Mobile Polling

New partnership with Millward Brown Digital on Brand Lift Insights for Facebook and Instagram, allowing advertisers to conduct mobile polling, enabling measurement of campaign effectiveness in the same place the campaign’s messages are being delivered. Mobile Polling is now available through both Nielsen and Millward Brown Digital on both platforms.

Video in the Carousel format

Facebook launched the carousel format last year, giving advertisers more creative capability in News Feed and drive actions like app installs and website visits; the platform is now announcing the ability to add video to the carousel format.

Dentsu Aegis Network, Mediavest, Dunkin’ Brands and Brookside (a Hershey Company brand) were among the brands that were a part of Facebook’s TRP Buying test.

“The TRP buying tool has given us the ability to plan and activate with accuracy for clients like Heineken who was a key participant in the initial tests. The tool offers Mediavest teams integration with the same metrics and systems we apply to TV and cross-screen Video planning but additionally security in delivery. We look forward to rolling out this tool against additional clients after successful tests across brands,” said Donna Sharp, SVP, digital and innovation at Mediavest.




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