EMMA Announces New Innovations

EMMA Announces New Innovations

Australia’s cross-platform audience insights survey emma™ (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) today announced a raft of product enhancements as part of its innovation roadmap for the rest of this year.

The latest innovations follow last month’s launch of the emma Engagement metric – the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of its kind.

The series of innovations features database fusions with:

  • A new geo-targeting tool for local-area media planning that enables both street level profiling by emma definitions against retail trade and media distribution areas, and local area advertising and marketing planning
  • Up to 160 categories of product category purchase data based on the Household Expenditure Survey from the Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • The Health Care and Insurance Australia survey
  • The Ipsos Food and Health Report

Another series of innovations is yet to come, cementing emma’s position in the market as the pre-eminent audience measurement survey.

The new enhancements feature fresh channel planning questions on social media and catalogues. The social media enhancements include consumer interaction with other media, brand interaction, friends/followers/connections and platforms used.

The innovations also embrace new information on key brands within product categories, particularly toiletries and cosmetics product data, designed with the input of Magazine Publishers Australia and key advertisers. Other improved categories include travel, airlines, automotive, sport, quick service restaurants, food and health. Information on demographics, consumer psychographics, attitudes and activities are integral features within each category enhancement.

“These innovations give our subscribers even greater ability to develop the best in-depth consumer profiles when planning their campaigns,” Ipsos MediaCT Managing Director Simon Wake said.

“From emma’s inception, we promised to collaborate with industry to deliver continuous improvement. Our product roadmap is based on this premise and this is another significant milestone in emma’s development. There will be further innovations announced in the coming months, which will ensure emma provides a superior, modern product.”

The latest innovations in detail are:

  • The emma data has now been fused into RDA Research’s geoTribes Explorer database enabling the provision of audience profiles at the local area level, including side-by-side comparison of locations, location ranking by spending potential and market coverage analyses.
  • The emma survey will now contain even more comprehensive usage and purchase information for key brands within product categories such as travel, airlines, automotive, sport, quick service restaurants, food and health
  • Purchase information based on the Household Expenditure Survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics has been incorporated into the emma database. This information includes household expenditure data across an initial 34 product categories, with additional categories being added over coming months.
  • The emma survey will also be fused with The Health Care and Insurance Australia survey, which provides information on health insurance among Australians, including use of private health insurance
  • The Ipsos Food and Health Report, which is an annual survey of 3,000 Australians, will be fused with emma. The study provides information on the changing mindset, preferences and behavior of consumers in relation to food and healthy eating. This includes dining out/takeaway, attitudes to food labelling, food shopping by outlet, food type preferences and those who are considered as trusted sources of health and nutrition information;

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