Dir David Attenborough’s Life Stories Launches On LiSTNR

Dir David Attenborough’s Life Stories Launches On LiSTNR

Natural historian Sir David Attenborough is one of the most commanding and respected storytellers in the world and now the iconic series, David Attenborough Life Stories, is available on LiSTNR as part of SCA’s recently announced partnership with the BBC.

David Attenborough Life Stories is a series of talks on the natural histories of creatures and plants from around the world told by one of the most recognisable and charming voices, delivering an educational and adventurous audio experience that only Attenborough can do

The complete 20-episode BBC Radio 4 series is written and presented by Sir David Attenborough about some of the strangest plants and creatures of the natural world from his pioneering and astonishing encounters. 

In the first episode Attenborough muses on the natural history of the sloth, perhaps the most lethargic beast in the animal world, and one that he has playfully admitted he aspires to be.

Other episodes in the series include the female platypus of NSW, the Komodo dragon, the salamander – which happened to be Attenborough’s first pet – as well as the importance of human eyebrows for communication. Listeners will also discover what creature lays the biggest egg in the world, how you communicate with an ancient nomadic community in Fiji and what Attenborough did when confronted by a 10 foot long reptile.

His enthusiasm is as infectious and mesmerising as ever and draws you in to his unique fascination and passion for the natural world.

Sir David Attenborough is an English broadcaster, writer and naturalist known for his ground- breaking cinematic documentary series, especially the nine-part Life series with the BBC’s Natural History Unit.

David Attenborough Life Stories is available now on the LiSTNR app.

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