Digital Transformation And Practical Technology Set To Rule In 2016: Loud & Clear MD

Digital Transformation And Practical Technology Set To Rule In 2016: Loud & Clear MD

As we welcome in 2016, Loud & Clear managing director Cade Witnish shares what exciting things are in store for the digital & tech industry in Australia.

Significant changes to the Australian Digital sector

Turnbull’s government innovation statement will pump 1.1 billion AUD into transforming how the digital sector works. A suite of initiatives address the pain points.

We’re excited because it will allow startups to offer employee options, similar to US companies. There’s good news for investors too! As of July 1, investors can get a 10 per cent rebate from the government on every dollar they tip into a startup.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is no longer a thing of the future, it’s already here. Organisations such as Google and Netflix are already using the foundation of AI to determine your content preferences.

Google is releasing access to their predictive AI algorithm code base for devs to play with.

As tech companies and scientists continue to explore and develop AI technology, we will experience exponential growth in its sophistication and also consumer adoption.

C-suite embraces digital transformation

This year we will see a rise in the digital transformation discussions amongst senior management.

It’s anticipated with these discussions we will see collaboration of digital transformation to extend beyond the IT teams to engage and share responsibilities with marketing departments, sales, HR and finance.

While marketing teams are most likely to be the key drivers alongside senior management, true digital transformation needs to be a cross-departmental collaboration with buy-in from the c-suite down and across the board.

Technologies that will find more practical application

This year we will see technologies such as Virtual Reality, Drones and Mobile Payments find ways of becoming more practical and more cost effective in 2016:

  • New and easier methods for businesses to embrace Virtual Reality and Google Cardboard. The benefits Virtual Reality offers industry range from training programs for businesses and government organisations (military, police etc), virtual prototyping for the manufacturing and building industries as well as entertainment and gaming. Its versatility is one of the reasons tech juggernauts are playing in this space.
  • As consumers and businesses alike become more comfortable with ‘tap n go’ payment methods, mobile payments will become more widely accepted.
  • From toys to professional racing competitions to commercial delivery vehicles, we will see drones make significant developments over the next 12 months.


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