Digital Jungle Wins Russian Phone Maker, Yotaphone

Digital Jungle Wins Russian Phone Maker, Yotaphone

Digital Jungle, a cross-cultural digital marketing Agency that works with international clients to target Chinese audiences across the world, has announced its collaboration with the Russian smart-phone developer Yota Devices to promote and market the Yotaphone 2 dual-screen always-on smartphone in the Chinese market.

Yota Devices believes in a business philosophy strongly focused on innovation around the user experience. The best emerging technologies are then applied to enhance customer experience. Yota Devices has a proven record in enhancing and modifying existing products to optimize customer interaction with their devices.

The Chinese market shows high demand and interest for YotaPhone 2, since the creation, design, and technology of smartphone is truly unique and innovative. And that is what attracts Chinese customers; active users of smartphone and people who open for conceptually new type of devices and gadgets.

Under the terms of the collaboration, Digital Jungle will be the full-service digital marketing partner for Yota Devices, China supporting its digital marketing programs such as social media, search marketing and e-commerce marketing for the Yotaphone 2 in China.

Anna Kostense, managing director, Greater China for Digital Jungle added: “YotaPhone is a revolutionary and innovative device which can change the way people use smartphone. We are excited to be a part of the launch and see our collaboration with Yota Devices as one of strong mutual benefit and great opportunities for the future.”

Digital Jungle has a successful track record with helping companies outside of China, including many iconic Australian brands, connect with a Chinese audience both in China and overseas.

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