David Jones Jumps On Periscope To Live Stream Its Fashion Show

David Jones Jumps On Periscope To Live Stream Its Fashion Show

Fashion brand David Jones doesn’t just want people in the audience to ooh and ahh at its latest fashion collection, it wants everyone to be able to see everything as it comes out.

Which is why David Jones has decided to hook up with live streaming app Periscope to film the entire runway and all the new clothing.

If you’re fashion savvy – as this reporter is most definitely not – the live stream is tonight at 7pm.

“Having the video appear natively within the Twitter feed opens up an enormous new audience of viewers and will increase views of the stream considerably,” said a David Jones spokesperson. “We saw this as a great opportunity to give our customers access to all the action from fashion launch as it happened.”

It’s not unusual to see brands taking advantage of the live streaming app since its launch a year ago.

Brands such as Spotify and Red Bull had a dabble in the app last year, according to US publication AdWeek. And when it comes to what brands use it for, Karen Stocks, managing director of Twitter Australia, said there’s five key ways to take advantage of live streaming.

Product launches, live events and behind-the-scenes, such as DJ fashion show, are obvious ones as it enables a heap of people to gather on the internet and watch the unveiling.

Customer education and customer service are big too, said Stocks, explaining how fast food brands such as KFC are able to show what goes on behind the scenes and prove its products are not made with pink slime.

“These events used to always be behind closed doors and there used to be an air of mystery and exclusivity to it and Periscope lets people into that world a little bit,” she said.

“For a brand like David Jones it’s great to be able to bring its customers even closer.”

It’s not just brands that seem find the appeal of Periscope, as the whole of England and parts of the world were recently enthralled by a puddle of water that formed after some hefty rain in the UK.

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