Contiki Challenges TikToker Millie Ford To Travel Like It’s 1962 In New Work From Eleven

Contiki Challenges TikToker Millie Ford To Travel Like It’s 1962 In New Work From Eleven

Marking the 60th anniversary of the OG youth travel operators, Contiki has partnered with Australian TikTok creator Millie Ford for the Sixties Suitcase Challenge.

Swapping her smartphone, auto-translate and GPS for a vintage suitcase containing a Polaroid, paper maps and some Swinging Sixties fashion, Ford experienced a Contiki tour straight from 1962.

Created with TBWA’s Eleven, the campaign documents Ford’s retro adventure through modern-day Europe with only the essentials and the company of her Contiki trip mates.

The campaign has social travel and making lifelong friendships at its heart, which has stood strong for the Contiki brand experience since it began.


New research from Contiki revealed one in three Aussies (38 per cent) wish they could travel how they did in the 1960s. Retro travel is most desired by those who’ve done it, more than four in five (82 per cent) Aussies that are keen to throwback have travelled at some point in the 1960s to 1980s.

Toni Ambler, managing director of Contiki in Australia and New Zealand, said: “As we look back on the previous 60 years of travel, it’s fascinating to see the changes and innovations around how people choose to travel and the way the brand has evolved to meet the needs of our travellers. We’ve seen such an evolution in popular destinations and travel styles, as well as the changes technology, has brought to the overall travel experience.

“But when you pull apart the trends, the one thing that has remained constant over these last 60 years is the desire for human connection and to have a social travel experience whilst making life memories.

“Since our first tour to Europe in 1962, each trip has been designed to deliver the things we’ve always loved about travel: new memories, new experiences, and new friends. Contiki tours have always been best experienced with friends, old or new. Technology is optional,” said Ambler.

Eleven’s executive creative director, Russ Tucker, added: “Contiki is a brand that has stood the test of time, proving that with or without a smartphone and an internet connection, what really matters when it comes to travelling are the moments you make with the people you meet.”

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