Cough Medicine gets innovative when the temperature drops

Cough Medicine gets innovative when the temperature drops

On those cold winter days when you may be feeling a little sore with a runny nose, Dimetapp’s ad will be broadcast across oOh! Media panels in a national campaign.

This winter Dimetapp has tapped into the resources of outdoor media provider oOh! Media to have its adverts broadcast when the temperature drops below the average winter temp for the city.

For instance, the average winter temperature for Sydney is around 17 degrees Celsius. When the winds blow and the barometer drops Dimetapp will flash around on 200 of oOh! digital retail panels and on 380 digital screens in cafes.

“This is the first time in Australia we’ve run a national campaign during winter that controls content based on how cold it is in a range of geographically targeted areas,” Brendan Cook, CEO of oOh! Media, said.

Cook said ‘temperature parting’ can help get the message across.

“It’s a good way of ensuring clients get the message across at appropriate times,” he said, adding that this campaign is an example of what’s to come for clients.

“As you build the assets out and get a big enough footprint, you can look at things that have mass results for clients. This is an example of being able to do a mass campaign that previously wasn’t able to be done,” he said.

“It’s really playing this temperature role for clients. Winter and summer are two obvious examples, it doesn’t take a long bow to realise there’s value there for other brands.

“It’s really a case of talking to clients where they have weather dependencies.”

The campaign is set to run for June, July and August (the winter months) and basing the idea around temperature predictions, Cook believes the ads will be shown for about 21 out of the 84 days available, if the temperature drops below the city’s winter average.

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