Charity Hijacks Coke’s Campaign To ‘Share A Coke With Obesity’

Charity Hijacks Coke’s Campaign To ‘Share A Coke With Obesity’

A public service centre in the States has jumped on Coke’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign to create a bottle with ‘Share a Coke with Obesity’ emblazoned on the label.

The label was made using the beverage company’s platform that allows consumers to enter in a word or name and have it featured on the label, the bottle then shipped out to them.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest investigated whether it could use words like ‘diabetes’ and ‘tooth decay’ on the labels and were met with a resounding no.

However, after submitting the word ‘obesity’ for review, the word was approved and the centre created the bespoke label, and then created a video about the process.

According to Mashable, once Coke got wind of the video, the word was subsequently blocked.

In an email, a Coke spokesperson reportedly said: “Thousands of Coca-Cola fans have created custom bottles through this program, and the ‘Share a Coke’ website has guardrails in place to help ensure a positive customer experience.

“It’s unfortunate that CSPI and others deliberately try to turn a fun experience into something negative to further their attacks on our brand.”

B&T has contacted Coca-Cola for comment.

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