Branding By Air & Remarkable Media Partner With MTV To Make Marketing History

Branding By Air & Remarkable Media Partner With MTV To Make Marketing History

Branding By Air, in collaboration with Remarkable Media, has partnered with global media brand, MTV, to fly the world’s largest flying digital video screen in the sky to celebrate the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) in New York.

Video promoting singer Ariana Grande and Nikki Minaj’s performances at Sunday night’s ceremony was projected on to the giant digital screen which flew across New York.

“For the first time in aerial marketing history, Branding By Air and Remarkable Media have combined augmented reality and live projection mapping for this aerial stunt with MTV. By combining these two technologies we have effectively created a’ deviceless’ augmented reality on a scale that has never been seen before,” said Ryan Osbourne, founder of Remarkable Media and chief imagineer officer for Branding By Air.

“We have been working on this exciting ground-breaking technology for digital flying video for some time and we believe it will revolutionise the aerial advertising industries.”

The technology behind creating the world’s largest digital flying video screen was the result of countless hours of dedicated research, technology and trial over the past three years. The success of the flight will ensure a place in the Guinness Book of Records for both Branding By Air and MTV creating a Guinness Book of World’s Record’s first.

“Our passion is to imagine and bring to life crazy creative ideas in the sky. It is a dream come true to kick off this inaugural flight with MTV, one of the leading media and entertainment brands in the world as our partner, to make history together,” said Simon Powell, Branding By Air’s CEO.

“We are also particularly honoured to be a part of the MTV Video Music Awards and all of the incredible talent that is being celebrated. This is a perfect partnership as we share with MTV, and all of these outstanding artists, a deep commitment to freedom of expression and that internal calling to push the boundaries of artistry, to be a force of positive change in the world and to live our belief that we can do anything we imagine.”

Branding By Air’s digital video flight for MTV’s VMAs took place just after sunset on August 24 (New York time). Two helicopters flew in a synchronised pattern approximately 300 metres above ground heading northbound along the Hudson River, between the New Jersey coastline and Midtown Manhattan, bypassing MTV’s headquarters in Times Square, and returning southbound for a second viewing, before landing.

The first helicopter carried one of Branding By Air’s signature Jumbo Banners, sized at 76 metres wide, (longer than the wingspan of a 747).

The second helicopter flew the projection screen and film crew. Using live projection mapping technology, the film projector has been designed to hone in and lock the content onto the flying banner, sizing and scaling the video content for high definition viewing that will be visible for to eight kilometers distance.


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