Box Office To Boom 22 Per Cent On Back Of Jurassic World & Star Wars

Box Office To Boom 22 Per Cent On Back Of Jurassic World & Star Wars

according to a report by Morgan Stanley, This year’s box office will be a battle between dinosaurs and jedis. everything is pointing towards the Jedis winning this one, but dinosaurs could make the box office competition extinct.

Morgan Stanley has raised their box office estimates nearly 22 per cent, from $US1.6 billion to $US1.95 billion, because of growing international excitement around the film. This would make the latest Star Wars the third highest grossing title of all-time, behind Titanic and Avatar.

Benjamin Swinburne, managing director of Morgan Stanley, estimates that domestic US ticket sales will be $US$650 million, with overseas sales at $1.3 billion. In his note to Morgan Stanley’s clients, titled “Are We Bullish Enough On Star Wars?”, Swinburne said: “The international market has grown significantly, as evidenced by the recent strength of Furious 7“.

Morgan Stanley forecast Star Wars nerds will spend $3 billion a year on licensed toys, clothing, and other assorted Star Wars-related merchandise. Morgan Stanley also estimates Disney could see $350 million in home video revenues, $100 million from video games, and $75 million from global pay TV.

However, Jurassic World could make a serious dent in the Star Wars global box office domination.

According to Guinness World Records, the latest instalment in the Jurassic Park saga, made a billion dollars worldwide in just under a fortnight from June 10. The dino-flick also broke the record for fastest film to cross the US$400 million threshold. 

So who are you putting your money on? Will Star Wars take out the box office of 2015 or will Jurassic Park? Tweet us @bandt

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