Blis Location Data Shows Melbourne Drinks Later But Sydney Hits The Gym Earlier

Blis Location Data Shows Melbourne Drinks Later But Sydney Hits The Gym Earlier

Location marketing specialists, Blis, today unveiled the results of a recent location behaviour study that seems to confirm the effects of Sydney’s controversial lockout laws.

The statistics also point to numerous unexpected lifestyle trends differentiating the two ‘rival’ cities.

Measuring anonymous mobile location activity from key urban hotspots across Sydney and Melbourne, Blis found that while Sydney and Melbourne both hit the pubs at the same time, Melbournites party later into the evening. The data seems to confirm, in part, the effects of lockout laws on Sydney’s nightlife.

Further insights from Blis could offer one other possible explanation, with mobile activity showing Sydney-siders take the gym a lot more seriously. Possibly shedding light on the city’s focus on a healthy lifestyle instead of drinking, Sydneysiders’ gym activity puts Melbourne in the shade, with more than twice as many Sydney-siders seen at gyms.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, mobile activity shows Melbournites milling around cafes much more intensely than Sydneysiders. However the average Sydney resident shows up for their first coffee a full hour earlier than a Melbourne coffee drinker, 6am vs 7am.

Not to be outdone on the dining front, Blis data shows Sydney take the prize for keenest lunch-goers, with Melbournites preferring to eat out in the evening.

Blis Australia and New Zealand MD Nick Ballard said basic mobile insights comparing two cities are a fun and simple way of highlighting the importance of location data to marketers.

“Whilst this is a bit of fun, it shows that simple insights based on Blis-verified and highly accurate location data from gyms, cafes, bars and restaurants demonstrate how that data can be used to build quality audience pools and consumer insights.

“At Blis we believe that where a person goes is a better way to understand them than simply what sites and apps they use. Location data is a huge opportunity for marketers who believe relevance is key to fostering brand affinity with an audience,” he said.

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