AppNexus Announces Full-Stack Technology Partnership With Wayfair Media Solutions

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AppNexus, the world’s leading independent advertising technology company, today announced a commercial agreement with Wayfair, one of the world’s largest online destinations for home furnishings and décor.

Under the terms of the partnership, Wayfair Media Solutions, the division of Wayfair that connects suppliers and brand advertisers to Wayfair’s audience of millions of engaged consumers in search of everything home, will adopt the AppNexus Publisher Suite, a full-stack solution that enables publishers to maximize the value of their advertising inventory.

In addition, Wayfair will continue to leverage the AppNexus Programmable DSP, the industry’s only programmable platform designed for high-performance marketing, which it adopted in January 2015. The end-to-end technology partnership will enable Wayfair to execute a unified marketing and monetization strategy for its Media Solutions business.

By leveraging its data to build models that translate into bids and personalized messages, Wayfair can coordinate its proprietary digital campaigns across all channels and promote its media partners’ advertisements on Wayfair’s inventory and across the web.

“We are thrilled to grow our relationship with Wayfair, one of the smartest, most sophisticated marketers and publishers in e-commerce,” said Brian O’Kelley, co-founder and CEO, AppNexus. “Their marketing team is focused on leveraging data science to tailor the user experience, and we’ve worked closely with them to develop powerful, programmable products that give them a high degree of control, customizability, and transparency. We’re excited to partner with Wayfair Media Solutions to unify their marketing and monetization efforts on one intelligent platform.”

AppNexus enables e-commerce companies like Wayfair to increase their revenue in two ways: advertise to users to buy products on their owned and operated inventory and advertise to their users across the web on behalf of themselves and their media partners. Bringing these efforts together on one platform allows clients to use their data holistically to generate efficiencies and balance marketing and site monetization, which ultimately improves user experience and leverages ads as an extension of their storefront.

“As the Wayfair Media business rapidly expands beyond its supplier marketing roots to include life-stage and audience targeting for all types of advertisers, it was clear we needed a partner that shared our vision of collaboration. We chose AppNexus for their commitment to innovation and their ability to keep pace with our business,” said Frank Mulcahy, director of media solutions, Wayfair.

“AppNexus gives us full control with custom levers that support complex decision trees, delivers log-level data to analyze results, and integrates with our own proprietary platform, Magellan, to enhance the efficiency of display advertising campaigns through deeper insights into target audiences and real-time optimization. Now we’re able to close the data loop and combine the power of our buy-side operations with AppNexus’ unified publisher stack for a full, end-to-end solution.”

Wayfair is among the first digital partners to adopt both the AppNexus Publisher Suite and Programmable DSP. AppNexus’ Publisher Suite includes its Publisher Ad Server; Supply Side Platform (SSP); Yieldex Analytics, a market-leading suite of forecasting and analytics tools that enable publishers to increase revenue and yield; and audience extension with a 100 per cent cookie match, margin controls, and reporting. AppNexus’ Programmable DSP enables marketers to leverage the power of their data by using proprietary algorithms to achieve maximum performance and customized consumer engagement.

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