Apostrophe Copywriters Is Landing In Amsterdam

Apostrophe Copywriters Is Landing In Amsterdam

Apostrophe, Melbourne’s first copywriting collective, is launching a pop-up office in Amsterdam this September with Lauren Brumley, Apostrophe’s Head Strategist, at the helm.

Since its inception in 2012, Apostrophe has continued its steady growth trajectory, expanding globally to accommodate clients in cities as diverse as Helsinki, NYC, Los Angeles, Kuwait and the Netherlands.

In 2014 Apostrophe founder and Director, Crystal Fong piloted a successful international pop-up office in Tokyo, attracting widespread acclaim in the Pan-Asian region.

In more recent years, much of Apostrophe’s revenue has come from the Northern Hemisphere and more than 61 per cent of Apostrophe’s traffic comes from design-centric cities around the globe.

As one of the most design-centric cities on the planet – a strong focus on design is synonymous with a strong focus on copy – Amsterdam is ideally situated to be home to the next Apostrophe satellite office.

And a Northern Hemisphere workforce will provide clients with a point of contact in both Northern and Southern time zones.

Lauren Brumley brings with her a wealth of industry knowledge garnered over seven years in the advertising and copywriting industry, creating strategies that invariably resonate with customers in the long term and increase ROI for clients across a multitude of platforms and industries.

As a strategist in the digital and planning team at Cummins&Partners, she helped the Australian Red Cross increase blood donation, developed effective Facebook campaigns for global behemoths Asahi Premium Beverages, and came up with persuasive and winning strategies for the likes of Tourism WA, Energy Australia and Kiehl’s.

Since joining Apostrophe, she had been able to reconnect with brands in a more client-focused environment.

As part of the collective, Lauren has emptied the minds of med-tech professionals at Quro by turning 500 pages of thinking into a hierarchical pyramid; herded hospitality giants into a room to discuss the future of fish at Paper Fish; and gathered university marketers to show them that they’re the journey, rather than the destination for UTS Insearch.

In Amsterdam, she’ll be strategically positioned to assist European brand owners, start-ups and organisations – anyone who has a great idea but needs the word-based solutions to match.

She’ll be supported by Apostrophe HQ in Melbourne and its collective of writers peppered around the world.

Brumley believes that Amsterdam is one of the most exciting and innovative cities in Europe.

“Amsterdam is a hub of new ideas, great design and start-ups that are changing the way we work and live,” she says.

“We’re excited to introduce new Northern Hemisphere clients to the Apostrophe model, so we can work together to build their brands through words.”

Fong, is also enthusiastic about the chance to expand and work with new clients in different time zones.

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