OAK Asks Who’s The Least Hungrythirsty Person In Australia?

OAK Asks Who’s The Least Hungrythirsty Person In Australia?

After years of educating people on the dangers of hungrythirsty, Parmalat and The Monkeys have created a game to find the least hungrythirsty person in Australia for the launch of OAK’s latest flavour, Strong Iced Coffee.

The game, named “The Most Decisive Game Ever”, contains ten difficult levels specifically designed to weed out the hungrythirsty. To make it even harder the game can only be played once a day, at the time of day when most people are feeling sluggish – 3PM.

The weekly winners will be awarded a fridge full of OAK, and the person who claims the grand title of “The Least Hungrythirsty Person in Australia” will win a championship ring that unlocks privileges for the next year, and some serious bragging rights.

Morten Halvorsen, interactive creative director at The Monkeys said, “Only two people have managed to beat the game so far, so calling it hard is an understatement. But claiming the title as Australia’s least hungrythirsty person shouldn’t be an easy feat.”

Grant Flannery, interactive planning director at The Monkeys added, “Our team is excited to launch a digital product that talks directly to our audiences’ love of OAK Milk and gaming. A browser based game removes all barriers that apps currently put forward and allows our fans to prove wherever they are, that they’re the least hungry thirsty gamer in Australia.”

The game can be played on mostdecisivegame.com.


Executive Creative Director: Scott Nowell
Interactive Creative Director: Morten Halvorsen
Interactive Planning Director: Grant Flannery
Art Director: Alice Schofield
Copywriter: Anthony Campagna
Digital Design Lead: Eva Godeny
Junior Designer: Laura Ives
Junior Digital Designer: Lauren Elliot
Planning Director: Michael Hogg
Tech Director: Peter Vahaviolos
Developer: Han Lee
Developer: Lachlan Tweedie
Executive Producer: Sabrina Riedel
Senior Digital Producer: Alastair Reilly
Content Director: Katie Wong-Hee
Senior Content Manager: Lauren Shelley
Community Manager: Alexandra Gee
Music Composer: Eric Skiff

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