Jacob’s Creek Releases New Films By Cummins&Partners Featuring Novak Djokovic

Jacob’s Creek Releases New Films By Cummins&Partners Featuring Novak Djokovic

Jacob’s Creek have launched their new ‘Made By Moments’ campaign for 2016 with newly crowned six-time Australian Open Grand Slam winner, Novak Djokovic.

The campaign will roll out globally and activates across major tennis tournaments including US Open and China Open as part of Jacob’s Creek global tennis sponsorship platform.

‘Made By Moments’ features not only Novak Djokovic, but also his wife Jelena Djokovic. In the film series, Djokovic shares memories of great-shared dining moments that connect his family and cultural traditions. In 2015, Jacob’s Creek told the authentic story of Novak’s determination.

“This year, we continue with a story that is closer to the brand,” Cummins&Partners chief innovation officer Kirsty Muddle said.

“We know Jacob’s Creek consumers are engaged with the tennis, and we also know they love food. Beyond the taste of it, it’s the ceremony in serving it, the occasion it creates and the memories these occasions leave us with that Jacob’s Creek celebrates.”

Filmed in Monte Carlo, the films recount Djokovic’s first date with his wife, Jelena. The more playful of the two films, the story reinforces Djokovic’s ‘real’ self as he shares the memory that will forever be a nostalgic joke for the couple.

The other film tells the story of his Serbian heritage, where he and his family would gather and share a traditional dish called ‘Česnica’. Whilst the occasion centred around a meal, it was the coming together that really mattered to Djokovic.

‘Made by Moments’ forms part of Jacob’s Creek’s global campaign that celebrates the people, places and passions that go into crafting every bottle of Jacob’s Creek wine.

The launch, which coincided with the Australian Open, has rolled out with extensive activity across broadcast, digital, social, PR and retail globally.

Client: Jacob’s Creek – Pernod Ricard Winemakers
Advertising Agency: Cummins&Partners
Executive Creative Directors: Ben Couzens & Jim Ingram
Chief Media and Innovation Officer: Kirsty Muddle
Group Account Director: Hayden Isaacs
Senior Account Director: Polly Aspinall
Senior Account Manager: Alex Grivas
Head of Broadcast Production: Jess Thompson
Director: Steve Callen
Production Company: The Director’s Group
Cinematographer: Matthew Chuang
Post Production: John Holmes (Offline), CJ (Grade) & Graeme Phillips (Online)
Sound Production: Dylan Stephens (Risk Sound)
Music Composer: Justin Pounsett (The Audio Embassy)
Stills Photographer: Amanda Fordyce
PR Agency: One Green Bean Australia
Digital Agency: IMPERO London
Integrated Communications agency: BD Network

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