Ad Industry Throws Its Support Behind New Technology Path 51

Ad Industry Throws Its Support Behind New Technology Path 51

The advertising industry has thrown its support behind an innovative new advertising company Path 51, which solves the industry’s growing concerns around consumers turning to their second screens during ad breaks.

The new technology has doubled the conversion rates for many clients and has generated intense interest from advertisers and agencies alike.

Pictured: Path 51 general manager Simon Larcey

Major advertisers like Coles, Crownbet and TAFE, as well as a host of agency groups including Mediacom, UM, Columbus and Atomic 212, have signed on to use the new technology.

Path 51 is a new advertising tool which integrates with Facebook and Google data. It increases conversions for advertisers by launching second screen ads that sync in real time with TVCs and radio commercials. This solves the industry’s concerns around consumers turning to their second screens during ad breaks.

For example, if a brand advertises on television, Path 51’s detection process allows that brand to simultaneously serve an ad in the digital space. This means that consumers who turn from the TV screen to their second screen will still be caught by the digital spot.

Alternatively, marketers could hijack competitor ad spend, by serving ads at the digital point of conversion, at the very moment when people have been driven to their mobiles or tablets by a competitor’s radio or TV spot. In other words, Path 51 creates a true convergence between traditional and digital media.

According to Stephen Neville, marketing at Coles, “Path51 delivers positive results and we look forward to an expanding relationship as the technology continues to develop.”

Meanwhile, Ruth Felice, marketing at TAFE NSW, said, “We are encouraged by the results and look forward to further success in the future.”

Paul Coco, senior performance manager at digital agency Columbus, said, “Using Path51 as a tool to detect competitor TV advertising has enabled us to launch real time conquest SEM campaigns. These campaigns are diverting leads to our brands resulting in actions on site.”

Path 51 general manager Simon Larcey believes the digital tool is a “game-changer”.

“The truth is that 90 per cent of consumers are active on their second screens while watching television. This was what inspired the launch of Path 51. We knew that we needed to develop a tool that could turn this challenge into an opportunity.

“With Path 51, advertisers can establish campaigns that follow consumer from the offline to the online. This is the next step in true media convergence.”

Path 51 is able to analyse how offline media affects digital outcomes, and recommends ways of optimising both offline and online to maximise conversions. It is unique in that it provides a self-service platform, works with both radio and TV and can launch digital ads from playback TV as well as live broadcasts.

“Through integration with Google and Facebook, we are able to amplify advertising responses, which increases conversion rates and maximises the effectiveness of client spend,” Larcey said.

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