A2 Milk Launches New Campaign To Showcase Its Integrity

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The a2 Milk Company (A2MCA) has launched ‘Believe in Better’ campaign with Melbourne based agency HBT.

HBT had previously used ‘branded testimonials’ to help build the a2 Milk business, and the time came to tell a bigger story.

The TV spots, outdoor and digital activity that form A2MCA’s new campaign show the integrity and values of a2 Milk through the lives and values of people, while also communicating the unique features and benefits of the brand.

A2 Believe in Better 1

The new campaign also introduces The a2 Milk Company for the first time – the corporate brand and a new strategic step in the development of the business.

“a2 Milk has reached a new stage in its development,” said A2MCA CEO Peter Nathan. “HBT’s testimonials have played a big role in getting us to where we are now. Importantly, they helped us to show why we are different to every other milk brand, which is core to our positioning. The next stage in our brand journey is to build on that momentum by enhancing our emotional appeal but continuing to communicate our key point of difference to consumers.”

“We were determined to keep a2 Milk looking different to other milk brands as it has a very different brand story to its competitors,” said HBT’s MD, David Hayes.

“a2 Milk is the only brand of milk that contains only the A2 type of beta casein protein and no A1 protein. It is a better milk with tangible benefits for many people,” said Nathan. “More and more people are discovering that they feel better when they switch to a2 Milk because it is totally natural and is the way milk is meant to be. This led us to our new positioning line, ‘Believe In Better’. Millions of people are founded in this belief now, and that’s a big story.”

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