30 Under 30 Hopefuls! Here’s What Judges Are (And Aren’t!) Looking For!

30 Under 30 Hopefuls! Here’s What Judges Are (And Aren’t!) Looking For!

For those bright young minds who are clamouring to be recognised in the B&T 30 Under 30 Awards – of which entries are open right here – we spoke with five of our fabulous judges to find out what they’re looking for, besides just being under 30, and what gives them the gripes.

Make a quick cuppa, settle back and have a read of how to make yours, or your colleague’s, entry the crème de le crème.

For Mary Ann Azer, executive director at Magazines Publishers Australia (MPA), she’s on the hunt for someone with “a combination of actual work, attitude and drive”.

Nicole McInnes, marketing director at music streaming site Pandora quipped she was only looking for people who are under 30.

“Seriously for a second,” she lamented, “the curiosity and tenacity to problem solve at the root cause.

“Shiny surface stuff may be pretty but when you can apply creativity and innovation to solving a real business problem that’s when you see the real talent. And it probably goes without saying but if you have a big ego now sort that shit out so you don’t sabotage your ability to learn.”

And Heath Campanaro, director at agency Imagination added: “I look for courage, great variety inside and outside of work, leadership traits, selflessness and above all humility.”

Besides just being able to communicate well (as we are in the business of communication), Graham Christie, CEO of Big Mobile is looking for a fair number of ‘I’s in the application to show leadership and achievements, not just all about the ‘we’s.

At the same time though, “the more supporters, testimonials, the better. The higher calibre the supporter the better, the more personal the better”.

And echoing the sentiment of having a well-written application, Hannah Sturrock, head of operations at The Hallway, is looking for “entries written with care and sensitivity”.

“Tightly composed entries are easier to read, and the personality shines through, without being suffocated by unnecessary words like ‘highly’ and ‘very’. Brutal sub-editing is always going to win points from me!”

And what not do to?

MPA’s Azer: “Don’t make the entries too long and please avoid generic statements!”

Pandora’s McInnes: “Beautiful with no substance, ugly with no substance. Just make sure it’s deep and real or try again next year when you have actually done something worthy of entering for.”

Imagination’s Campanaro: “We have so many great candidates to get through, and as judges we’ve been around the industry and awards circuit for a long time – so don’t waffle, don’t bullshit (we’ll know), don’t overplay your role in projects.”

Big Mobile’s Christie: “Vagueness, motherhood statements, too much of the marketing lexicon, hot buttons, jagon.”

The Hallway’s Sturrock: “Don’t hide your quirks and personality with a bland entry. Make sure your authentic voice can still be heard. We are looking for something special in you, something that makes you a little bit dangerous, not just a A+ student.”

We’ve got a myriad of brilliant judges helping to decide which talented individuals are worthy of a B&T 30 Under 30 Award, so keep your eyes peeled for what the other judges are looking for in the coming weeks.

And make sure you enter here. Lead image via Flickr.

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