3 Video And SMS Strategies To Earn Higher NPS Response Rates

3 Video And SMS Strategies To Earn Higher NPS Response Rates

Rey Yesilnacar, global head of marketing, VidCorp, has got the lowdown on how to hit your targets when it comes to Net Promoter Scores and reach your audience better.

The typical way to distribute NPS surveys is via text based email. The challenge is that email is associated with spam and many emails get lost in the inbox clutter.

With time poor consumers battling cluttered inboxes then how do you get the best view of customer service and satisfaction to competitive differentiate your business and improve processes.

Below are three strategies to combine SMS direct marketing with the power of video to help increase your NPS response rates.

SMS instead of email

SMS is a trusted and personal communication channel and best yet is not associated with SPAM. Due to the personal nature of SMS “500 per cent more people complete a SMS survey rather than an email survey” (2).

For further personalisation, as you would on email, use the recipient’s name in the message and ensure your landing page is mobile responsive, providing a mobile first strategy. SMS is also fast and cuts through the noise with 97 per cent of incoming texts are read, compared to just 24 per cent of e-mails (3).

Video Invitation to the survey

Using a video NPS invitation rather than text is more personal and requests less energy and effort by the viewer. A Video invitation to a NPS questionnaire aids customer relationship building, emotional brand bonds and, therefore, the likelihood of the user engaging and cooperating.

Text does not involve a client the way Video does. Solidifying the importance of SMS as a communication channel, In 2014, video engagement grew by 43 per cent, and three out of five people viewed the video on their mobile device (4).

Personal NPS invitations via video by the CEO, COO or other senior executives are known to engage the viewer in the content while create empathetic connections. For greater response rates, 24 to 48 hours after the transaction is when it’s advisable to send NPS surveys for completion.

Video Testimonials

Survey’s are the typical method to collect NPS feedback. To stimulate quality feedback when asking the golden “will you recommend” question, collecting video testimonials is an excellent way to understand the customer, their happiness and/or frustrations.

By listening to the customers tone of voice, analysing facial expressions, viewing body language as well as taking note of the chosen language. With this visual communication rather than text-based surveys, you can dive deeper into the context behind the 0 to 10 score they gave.

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