13 Brilliant Ads That Know How to Grab Your Attention

13 Brilliant Ads That Know How to Grab Your Attention

academic researcher & private tutor Bella Williams has compiled a list of her favourite campaigns that made you stand up and take notice.

Sometimes an advertisement that you watch leaves such an impact on your mind that it remains etched in your memory forever. Advertisements have the power to move you, motivate you and bring about a change. Let us take a look at 13 brilliant advertisements that left us intrigued, and figure out what worked for them:

1.    The Google App and The Voice

Google partnered with an immensely popular show called The Voice. This was done in an endeavour to aid the Aussie Millennials discover the true power of the Google App. Over 9 weeks, 29 unique spots were created, some of which responded to the show in real time. Google took live footage of the show, edited it instantly and made it available to its viewers in less than five minutes. It also made the process of voting easier and the final announcement of results a little more dramatic. Google featured the most memorable moments from the show on social media. The results were phenomenal with brand visibility of Google uplifted by 19.4% among Australian millennials. The campaign was awarded with “The Media Campaign of the Year Award” by AdNews Agency of The Year Awards.

Check out the links below to understand how video clips from the show were used to promote the Google App.

2.    Snickers Hungerithm Campaign

Mars Chocolate Australia and Clemenger BBDO Melbourne came together to create an algorithm that lowered the price of a snickers bar with an increase in the anger quotient on the internet. The philosophy behind the same was simple: you’re not you when you’re hungry. The angrier people got, the cheaper got Snickers. The price fluctuated about 140 times a day and plummeted as much as 82% of Snickers’ normal shelf price. Hungerithm worked based on a 3,000-word lexicon that recognized even angry slangs and sarcasm. Analysis of about 14,000 social posts a day determined the revised price of snickers. In order to claim the bar, users were simply supposed to log on snickers.com.au to generate a bar code to be used at any 7-Eleven store.  This brilliant idea was given the “Digital Campaign of the Year” and “Best Use of Data” awards by AdNews Agency of The Year Awards.

3.    Meet Graham Campaign

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne created an advertisement for TAC (Transport Accident Commission), Victoria, to illustrate how vulnerable drivers are in the face of a rising road toll. Graham was demonstrated as the only person designed to survive on their roads. His physical appearance signified how the human body would need to metamorphose in order to survive a car crash. Using an interactive sculpture, medical research, and several years of road safety data, the impactful campaign was designed with an endeavor to educate drivers on road safety. A theme of evolution corroborated by evidence was used by a team of 3: a road safety engineer, a trauma surgeon and a renowned artist, who came together and pulled the act that won the prestigious “Ad Campaign of the Year” title.

4.    You Never Lamb Alone

MLA (Meat and Livestock Australia) launched its Spring Lamb Campaign last September. The campaign demonstrated lamb as the meat that did not discriminate and brought together people from varied races, castes, sexual orientation and walks of life to celebrate modern Australia. The Monkeys did a fabulous job in demonstrating the Aussies as an inclusive and welcoming lamb-loving society. They showcased a large group of people getting together over a lamb barbecue. The advertisement successfully stirred the emotions of the public and acquired a special place in their hearts. It was also awarded with the title of “Ad of the Year” by AdNews Agency of the Year Awards.

5.    Pocket Patrol, Samsung

Surf Life Saving Australia and Samsung came together to develop Pocket Patrol. This first of its kind app displayed exact positions of beach perils. Its unique AR algorithm is used by Lifesavers to prevent accidents at the beach. The app inputs real time data of shallow sand banks, rip currents, sudden drop offs and stingers. This useful information is instantly passed on to everyone on the beach. The app is a blessing for lifesavers, who are able to save valuable time and focus on monitoring the beach. This powerful tool helps beach lovers identify dangers. This helps them modify their swimming behaviour accordingly. The campaign was, thus, awarded with “Best use of Mobile” title.

6.    From Apathy to Action: NSW Rural Fire Services

This campaign designed by J. Walter Thompson Sydney aimed at encouraging people to develop a safety plan against fires. The campaign illustrates that what fire fighters fear the most is apathy. People need to learn to be their own saviours and protect themselves as well as their families. The ad demonstrates the urgency of creating a survival plan, procrastination could be catastrophic. The campaign won an award in the Government category of the prestigious “Effie Awards”.

7.    Free Puppies Forever Campaign

A division of Vision Australia called Seeing Eye Dogs Australia came up with an incredible campaign to recruit puppy careers. As a part of this campaign, you get a puppy for free along with free vet care, food and even boarding for while you’re away. You get the pup when it’s 8 weeks old and send it off for training when it’s 12-15 months of age. You could then get a new puppy, all over again. The primary purpose is to find people who can care for the dogs until they are old enough to be trained as service animals for the visually impaired.

8.    Push for an Equal Future

This national campaign by ANZ promotes gender diversity. ANZ launched an entire range of initiatives to encourage women to grow financially and build an equal future for them. The theme is simple. It highlights how girls end up way behind boys on the financial front, even though they outperform the latter in many other facets. The film that was shown online depicts bright, young girls being faced with brutal inequality. The follow-up videos of this advertisement showed how women can make extra income through ANZ’s initiatives. The advertisement struck a chord with men and women alike.

9.    #MyFamilyCan

Leo Burnett Melbourne designed a small budget campaign for SPC Ardmona. The labels of SPC’s brands were redesigned and a new series of cans was created. This series was called #MyFamilyCan. The ad comprised of heartfelt content that successfully triggered an emotional connect with the audience. Australian farmers were featured in the ad, thus giving them a platform to voice their stories. The campaign became a massive hit and won an Effie award in the “Small Budget Ad” category.

10.Lucy The Robot

Atomic 212° was successful in launching a telepresence robot created by the company Double Robotics in the most innovative manner. The purpose of the campaign was to create brand awareness and generate leads for sales. Thus, the robot was given a human story so that people would relate to it. This gave birth to Lucy, a girl excited to get the new iPhone 6s in possession. However, instead of standing in long queues waiting for her turn to buy one, she sent her telepresence robot to make the purchase for her. Lucy thus became one of the first few people to be able to buy the iPhone, creating much hype. As a result, brand recall and favorability shot up by 780% and 1200% respectively.

11.Captain Risky

Budget direct was able to successfully demonstrate how they offer effective phone claims service to their customers, through this campaign. The ad clearly demonstrates that the services are provided round the clock in the face of an accident. Others, who are not insured by Budget Direct, bear the brunt, just like Captain Risky.

12.This Bike has Multiple Sclerosis

MS Limited Australia has been organizing a 50 KM Cycle riding event in support of patients with Multiple Sclerosis, for a decade. The ad campaign aimed at generating awareness about the same and eventually attracting participation and funds. It was successful in doing so by virtue of its simplistic portrayal of the disease. The campaign served as an educational tool for all to understand and help those living with MS.

13. Shonky Savers

RaboDirect Australia launched a humorous campaign depicting a television news program exposing shonky savers. This is the term given to describe those unfortunate souls who deposit their money in low-interest-bearing transactional accounts. The campaign reinforced the brand promise of empowering customers to make the most of each penny saved. It was awarded with the Bronze prize in the “Financial Services” category at the prestigious Effie Awards.

Bella Williams: As an academic researcher & private tutor, Bella guides the new age professionals and students with their career. A graduate of Monash University, Bella organises free coaching workshops for Essay Help and promotes free sharing of knowledge. She is also a consulting editor at Assignment Expert.

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