Dentsu Mitchell Expands Its Services For The Australian Government

Dentsu Mitchell Expands Its Services For The Australian Government

Dentsu Mitchell has taken over all non-campaign advertising for recruitment, public notices and tenders for the Australian Government and its associated entities.

Stephanie Makin
Posted by Stephanie Makin

These services are in addition to the planning and placement of campaign-related media, which Dentsu Mitchell has provided for two years.

Assuming provision of these services allows Dentsu Mitchell to provide greater client servicing capabilities for the Australian Government with a highly skilled team across all media channels, within the one business.

Adrian Roeling, national managing director at Dentsu Mitchell said the move represents a significant progression in the business’ strong relationship with the Australian Federal Government.

“We’re happy to be offering a fuller scope of services to the Australian Government, and believe this decision will provide the client with greater business efficiencies, a more integrated and experienced media team and improved media recommendations for non-campaign clients.”

All campaign and non-campaign advertising services will now be streamlined through Dentsu Mitchell’s Melbourne team with Eliza Briscoe leading the non-campaign team and the transition.

Dentsu Mitchell has held the Australian Federal Government Advertising Arrangement for two years, with all non-campaign advertising services previously sub-contracted to Adcorp.