AdRoll Deploys Bidding Platform To Advertisers’ Campaigns

AdRoll Deploys Bidding Platform To Advertisers’ Campaigns

Ad Retargeting platform, AdRoll, has announced it has deployed a new version of its bidding platform BidIQTM across all of its advertisers’ campaigns.

This version, code-named Beethoven, uses proprietary machine learning technology to factor in attributes such as viewability and predicted impression-level ROI to drive increased performance for advertisers. In development since 2014, Beethoven has driven a 37 per cent increase in ad viewability, according to the Media Rating Council (MRC) accredited verification firms. Platform click-through-rates (CTR) have also increased 46 per cent over the same time period.

This enhancement comes at a time of heated debate on viewability. According to 2014 report produced by Google, 56.1 per cent of served ads are never seen. Advertisers want to ensure ads are seen by the right people and BidIQ helps companies spend their media dollars more efficiently by bidding on ads that are more likely to drive results for the advertiser.

“AdRoll has always been dedicated to building the best products and helping our customers navigate the complex ad ecosystem,” said Valentino Volonghi, CTO at AdRoll. “With our scale, AdRoll is in a unique position to leverage data from a wide variety of sources to get breakthrough results for our customers. We are continuously testing and updating BidIQ and Beethoven is the latest result of that focus.”

In addition to increasing viewability, the BidIQ Beethoven release improves predictive elements to automatically optimise bids and win impressions that are more likely to convert. With more than 20 petabytes of uncompressed data ingested by AdRoll each year, BidIQ analyses thousands of granular exchange and user-level features in real time. The algorithm combines these into millions of different signals which are used to determine the optimal bid amount for each impression on an advertiser by advertiser basis.

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