Livin Seeking Creative Brains To Help Break Stigma Around Mental Health

Livin Seeking Creative Brains To Help Break Stigma Around Mental Health

Too often people try to deal with mental health issues in silence afraid to speak up, but since launching in 2013, non-for-profit organisation, LIVIN, has been committed to opening up the conversation and breaking the stigma around mental health. 

Determined to improve the lives of Australians through early intervention and prevention initiatives, LIVIN is now calling on creatives to create an innovative, out of the ordinary campaign to help battle the rising number of people around the country who are struggling.

An integral part of LIVIN’s work is their mental health education and stigma reduction program, LIVINWell, which is provided to schools for free, and fee-for-service to workplaces and sporting clubs right around the country.

LIVIN’s CEO Casey Lyons said that LIVIN has had hundreds, if not thousands of potentially lifesaving conversations with people through the LIVINWell Program in secondary schools and workplaces across Australia.

“We want to be proactive in combating mental ill-health by making it okay to speak up when you’re not doing so well and encouraging preventative action and help seeking before things become unmanageable, which is why we’re looking to further enhance our already successful program.

“We’re now looking for a creative agency to help develop animated videos that will play an important role in keeping the conversation going long after we have delivered our LIVINWell Program,” said Casey.

LIVIN is seeking respondents to submit a proposal for the development of between 4-6, 2-3-minute animated videos that reinforce key learnings from the LIVINWell Program, focusing on the use of engaging storytelling and character development.

As LIVIN’s head psychologist, Luke Foster said that with the utilisation of powerful storytelling and character development, LIVIN hopes to grab and maintain the attention of its viewers, and sees relatable animated videos as a unique way to provide ongoing, effective education.

“In my experience, people still don’t have a good understanding of what mental health and mental ill-health actually are, what these terms look like in the real world and how to turn theory into practice, which is why I’m pumped to be working with a creative agency to create a series of animated videos that will visually demonstrate several important life skills.

“The videos will be a key tool to reinforce the vital learning outcomes from our LIVINWell Program, because if you don’t have a deep understanding of things, it’s not going to lead to positive and sustainable change. That goes with everything in life,” Luke concludes.

Visit LIVIN’s website to find out more about the opportunity and apply.

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