One In Ten Australians Are Finding Their “Soul Mate” On Tinder

One In Ten Australians Are Finding Their “Soul Mate” On Tinder

It’s been accused of causing a crazy spread of STDs and encouraging one night bangers, but just over 1 in 20 Aussie single are using dating app Tinder according to the latest app usage data from Roy Morgan Research shows.

Over five million Australians 14+ identify as single. Of them, an estimated 263,000 (5.1 per cent) used ‘dating’ app Tinder on a mobile phone or tablet in an average four weeks in the six months to September 2015. Young millennials are the first to jump on the new ‘swipe culture’ of digital dating: 8.8% of single 18-24 year-olds used the Tinder app in the last four weeks, compared with 6.4% of singles 25-34.

Outside of the millennial gap, Tinder usage drops down drastically: just 1.5 per cent of singles aged 35+ and 1.6 per cent of those 14-17 reported using the app in the last four weeks.

Single Australians using Tinder:

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, April – September 2015, sample n = 6,389 single Australians 14+.

Tim Martin, general manager – media, Roy Morgan Research, said: “Much has been written about the new ‘swipe culture’ among Millennials after a date. Over three in four young Aussie adults aged 18-24 are single, and almost one in 10 of them could be found on Tinder in the last four weeks.

“How Tinder and other so-called hook-up tools influence, and reflect, modern romance is up for debate, but the app still has only a fraction of the users of other social media in Australia. Almost two million Australians 14+ use Snapchat, three million use Instagram, and a huge 7.8 million use Facebook’s app on mobile or tablet in an average four weeks.

“As these (and future) social media platforms continue to build audiences and develop new advertising capabilities, it will be increasingly important for brands and media agencies to know the real number of users across devices, and who they are.”

As reported in B&T, Tinder has recently updated the platform to include details about workplace and education information, as well as a new algorithm to more accurately match you with your life partner. 

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