Introducing New Podcast ‘MID’: Holly Wainwright Rebrands The Mid-Life Experience For Australian Women

Introducing New Podcast ‘MID’: Holly Wainwright Rebrands The Mid-Life Experience For Australian Women
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MID, a new podcast redefining mid-life for Australian women, launches today with joy, humor, and curiosity about the potential of this pivotal life stage.

Hosted by acclaimed author and renowned podcast personality Holly Wainwright, MID offers the grown-up conversations women are thirsting for, busting deep-seated ageist beliefs and proving that life in mid-life is anything but ‘mid.’

“There’s a myth that women are past their prime by the time they reach mid-life. MID shows that this assumption couldn’t be further from the truth,” Wainwright explains. “We’re celebrating this exciting stage as a time to thrive, challenge norms, put wisdom into action, and explore the untapped potential in all of us”.

Holly’s ability to curate compelling stories makes each conversation a nourishing vine that connects listeners to a vibrant mix of ideas, passions, and energy. By challenging stigmas and offering valuable life lessons, MID provides audiences with fresh perspectives and foresight to live this era with main character energy.

Season one guests range from acclaimed chefs and broadcasters to inspiring authors and advocates, including Julie Goodwin, Shanna Whan, Cath Mahoney, Jacinta Parsons, Bryony Gordon, Katherine May, and Jane McCann. Together with Holly, these women bring revealing insights, poignant stories, and raw, honest discussions that redefine what it means to live MID life fully.

For those ready to redefine mid-life on their terms and rebel against outdated belief systems, MID is the passport to an empowering, thriving journey.

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