PubMatic And LiveRamp Combine Forces For Cookieless Solution

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PubMatic has announced its expanded partnership and global integration with LiveRamp neutral,  pseudonymous, people-based identifier will be available in Identity Hub, PubMatic’s Prebid-based identity management solution.

Identity Hub is quickly becoming the market standard for publishers looking to seamlessly manage multiple identity solutions and maximize revenue. The partnership brings superior audience addressability, scale and performance to demand-side platforms (DSPs) and advertisers across the US, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region on the PubMatic platform. 

The integration is enabled across the open web and will soon be available on mobile in-app and connected TV (CTV), resulting in improved inventory monetization for publishers, while paving the way for a cookieless future.

“For the better part of this year, a lot of industry chatter has revolved around the deprecation of the third-party cookie. While that deadline still looms, we are also beginning to see increasing restrictions of device identifiers and new forms of inventory,” said LiveRamp senior vice president, head of addressability and ecosystem Travis Clinger.

“This reinforces the need for people-based identifiers and interoperable solutions that maintain neutrality and preserve the consumer experience.

“With PubMatic as one of our largest supply-side platform partners, we can further scale identity resolution across channels globally – bringing value to publishers and buyers – while creating a trusted ecosystem that benefits all, especially the consumer.” 

The expanded partnership between PubMatic and LiveRamp enables publishers to implement LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS), seamlessly connecting their inventory with LiveRamp’s identifier across web and soon, mobile apps and CTV. This functionality is accessible through Identity Hub, and can be deployed standalone, or within PubMatic’s omnichannel header bidding solution, OpenWrap. 

The combined accessibility of LiveRamp’s identity infrastructure and ATS helps connect publisher first-party authenticated data with marketer demand, driving improved yield and reach. In parallel, PubMatic’s publishers gain improved omnichannel inventory monetization without a reliance on third-party cookies.

A growing number of publishers worldwide have already adopted Identity Hub, which provides publishers and buyers the ability to transact programmatically using their preferred identity provider, including LiveRamp, while upholding and respecting consumer privacy and choice. 

With Identity Hub, advertisers can significantly increase reach, contextual relevance, and campaign ROI. It’s now easy for buyers to reach target audiences across the open web, matching the ease and scale of targeting on a walled garden platform – but with more transparency, control and premium content.  

“We are looking forward to bringing people-based addressability not just to the web and mobile apps, but also to CTV with LiveRamp’s wide coverage in the buyer community and strong focus on user privacy,” said PubMatic vice president of marketplace Andrew Baron.

“Through this global partnership with LiveRamp, we will offer significantly higher reach and user addressability for buyers across channels and superior monetization capabilities to publishers. This is crucial as adoption grows for alternatives to the third-party cookie within the digital advertising ecosystem.” 


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