Why Programmatic Is Killing Creativity In Advertising

Why Programmatic Is Killing Creativity In Advertising

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Programmatic is the new kid on the block, but Business Insider argues it's killing our perceptions of creativity in advertising.


Creativity was once thought of as the heart and soul of advertising, but the rise of programmatic and the obsession with real-time bidding and targeting has made it nearly impossible to deliver a powerful piece of creative that really stands out online.

In principle, it’s simple: advertisers pick what types of people they want to reach online, set parameters around what they’re willing to spend, and then let algorithm-powered software automatically buy their ads for them in live auctions, so they get the best possible price.

But here’s the problem with that.

If an advertiser or a brand wants to push an ad through the programmatic pipes, the ad needs to fit a standard model. That way the ad can actually go through the complex, automated process and end up on a webpage.

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