To The D-Floor! Here’s All The Party Pics From The B&T Awards 2021!

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  • BNT2021-0327-DSC_5286
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  • BNT2021-0380-DSC_5392
  • BNT2021-0375-_DSC1821
  • BNT2021-0381-_DSC1843
  • BNT2021-0360-_DSC1759
  • BNT2021-0374-_DSC1818
  • BNT2021-0361-_DSC1762
  • BNT2021-0343-_DSC1714
  • BNT2021-0358-_DSC1753
  • BNT2021-0338-DSC_5309
  • BNT2021-0328-DSC_5313
  • BNT2021-0344-_DSC1717
  • BNT2021-0329-DSC_5316
  • BNT2021-0352-_DSC1736
  • BNT2021-0359-_DSC1756
  • BNT2021-0342-_DSC1710
  • BNT2021-0335-DSC_5386
  • BNT2021-0337-DSC_5399
  • BNT2021-0349-DSC_5331
  • BNT2021-0369-_DSC1795
  • BNT2021-0346-_DSC1721
  • BNT2021-0353-_DSC1737
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With 900 industry folk in attendance at the B&T Awards, presented by YouTube, on Friday night, the dance floor was always going to be packed with peeps busting a move.

Our fave photography team andre&dominique got right amongst the groovers at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion to get those candid snaps of everyone letting their hair down that we all know you’re dying to see – check out the above photo gallery.

And, if you’re looking for all the photos taken in the lead-up to the dance floor fun and frivolity, simply go HERE and HERE.

Congratulations once again to all the winners of this year’s B&T Awards! You can meet each and every one via THIS SPECIAL ONLINE BOOKLET.

Thank you to all the finalists who entered this year (check out parts one and two of our shortlist), and kudos to the 100-plus judges who whittled them down.

And finally, a massive shout-out to all of this year’s FAB-U-LOUS sponsors! There’s no way we could continue putting on Australia’s biggest, longest-running and most entertaining awards program for the advertising, marketing and media industries without your unwavering support, and we look forward to doing it all again next year!

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