TikTok Wraps Up 2022 With Australia’s Favourite Videos

TikTok Wraps Up 2022 With Australia’s Favourite Videos

2022’s edition of the Year on TikTok has been released by the video-sharing app, highlighting the trends, creators, and moments that made Aussies laugh, cry, and despair this year.

The report features and upcoming For You Fest, taking place next week, have split the year’s content into nine categories covering everything from the platform’s breakthrough stars to the funniest and most educational videos of the year.

“2022 was a year like no other, and we are so proud of the Aussies on TikTok who have shared their talents,  their laughs and their life hacks with us all this year. Creators are at the heart of TikTok, and we’re so excited to be able to celebrate them in our Year on TikTok 2022 lists, wrapping up the moments that defined  Australian culture this year. From businesses finding new ways to reach their audiences, to creators around the country connecting within their diverse and unique communities, it has been another unforgettable Year on TikTok,” said Lee Hunter, general manager, TikTok Australia and New Zealand.


These are the videos that made Australia’s most memorable TikTok moments this year, including this hilarious skit from @swag.on.the.beat:

@swag.on.the.beat Well do ya mate? #swag #fyp #australia #aussie #america #viral #spiral ♬ original sound – swag.on.the.beat

And this adorable clip of Robert Irwin rescuing a Blue Tongue Lizard. \

@robertirwinRescuing one tiny but tough little bloke 😂♬ original sound – Robert Irwin

TikTok Taught Me

While few members of the B&T team rarely hold in their flatulence, it seems some Aussies are more well-mannered and were asking Dr Karl what happens when you let one go.

@drkarl Where do farts go when we hold them in? #drkarl #drkarlkruszelnicki #science ♬ original sound – Dr Karl

Madsie.s, meanwhile, taught Aussies how to make brownies in under a minute.

@madsie.s @myburntorange’s 45 second Brownie #brownierecipe #45secondchallenge #foodtiktok #easydessert #lazyrecipes #food ♬ original sound – myburntorange

The Playlist

TikTok is also famous for getting the most irritating songs stuck in your head for days on end.

This year, Aussies enjoyed — but came to resent — the sounds of Yung Lean, Lizzo, Harry Styles, Luclover (nope, us neither), and obviously, Kate Bush.

Click those links at your peril.

The Hitmakers

Aside from those irritating earworms, a number of musicians found success on the platform this year. Aussies were loving the sounds of Dean Lewis, who’s song about his father had everyone welling up:

@deanlewishow do I say goodbye?♬ How Do I Say Goodbye – Dean Lewis

And Peach PRC:

@peachprcthe feeling of falling out of love with your favourite band.♬ original sound – Peach PRC

We also loved The Kid LAROI, Clinton Kane, and Joel Sunny.

Only On TikTok

On the slightly weirder side of TikTok, Aussies apparently loved seeing how different animals fight.

@jiembasands Reply to @kungskrew how different animals fight (Part 2). Which one was most effective? 😂 #animals #fighting #comedy #howanimalsfight ♬ original sound – Jiemba Sands

And enjoyed laughing at Chloe Gaggiano’s nails.

@chloegaggi Fuck ya life #xyzbca #foryou #sheincares ♬ original sound – Kneely_Knight

Breakthrough Stars

Some creators made it big on TikTok this year, including Andy Cooks, Luke and Sassy Scott, Unice Wani, How Ridiculous, and Jimmy Jan.

@andy_cooks Chicken Caesar salad 🥗 #foodtiktok #foodie #food #fyp ♬ Sensual Seduction – Snoop Dogg

Big Little Communities

Aussies were able to find kindred spirits on TikTok this year. One creator decided to find out how much she could read in 12 hours.

@pretty.bookish Definitely got distracted towards the end 😅 #fyp #readingvlog #readingchallenge #readathon #booktok #reader ♬ Everybody Wants To Rule The World – Single Version – Tears For Fears

And Indigenous creators were able to share their culture with everyone:

@raintreeart Louise Numina painting Bush Medicine Leaves #fyp #foryourepage #louisenumina #aboriginaltiktok #aboriginalart #famouslikeauntygloria ♬ Fly Away – Tones And I

Loved By TikTok

Finally, TikTok users were able to find heaps of inspo for things they never knew they needed or were available — like this spill-proof baby bowl.

@raintreeart Louise Numina painting Bush Medicine Leaves #fyp #foryourepage #louisenumina #aboriginaltiktok #aboriginalart #famouslikeauntygloria ♬ Fly Away – Tones And I

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