The Good AZ Gold Adland Challenge Campaign Bonanza Continues!

The Good AZ Gold Adland Challenge Campaign Bonanza Continues!

As entries for this extraordinary competition continue to flood in, we’re sharing even more for your consideration.

And judging by the ideas, it’s no wonder Australia used to be the world leader in social good campaigns. Let’s get back to our rightful spot and find the next “Slip, Slop, Slap” or “Life. be in it”.

We’ve got even more Good Az Gold Adland Challenge entries coming for you, so keep your eyes peeled and arms ready!

Now, let’s have a look at round three of the entries…

“The Whole World Is Having A Jab”

Creators: Abbie Dubin-Rhodin, Eric Franken and Irnin Khan, Leo Burnett

Check out the entry here.

“Reasons A-Z”

Creator: Sarah Brighton, Ogilvy

Check out the entry here.

“Everything from A to Z”

Creator: Joe Hawkins, Wunderman Thomson

Check out the entry here.

“Who do you trust?”

Creator: Josh Oakley, Floodlight Content

Check out the entry here.

“Where the bloody hell are ya?”

Creator: Cal Harmer, Ogilvy

Check out the entry here.


Creator: Jason Hatcher, Wunderman Thompson

Check out the entry here.


Creator: Jason Hatcher, Wunderman Thompson

Check out the entry here.

“Lucky You’re With AZ”

Creators: Blanche McKie and Claudia Henderson, OKMG

Check out the entry here.

“No jab, no play.”

Creator: Chris De Santis

Insight: Some people aren’t on board with getting vaccinated against COVID-19, but that’s the only way that everything is going to go back to normal.

Media: Video, amplified on TV and social media. Radio as well.

Idea: Adults play the parts of school kids in a playground, discussing the ‘no hat, no play’ policy.

Script: Jimmy, an adult man dressed in a kid’s school uniform, sits on a bench under a tree as other uniformed adults joyfully play on the playground. Two uniformed adults approach him, with legionnaire hats on.

Man: Ha-haaa! Jimmy didn’t bring his hat!

Woman: What’s the matter Jimmy? Allergic to fun, are you? They chuckle at each other.

Jimmy: No, I just don’t want to wear it.

Woman: Why not? Everyone else is having fun. If you get a hat from the office, you can come play handball with us.

Man: Or tips, or handball!

Jimmy: That would be fun… But I don’t want to be made to wear something I don’t want to.

Woman: But, the sun’s out, you’ll get skin cancer if you’re not wearing a hat.

Jimmy: They haven’t really proven that I’ll get skin cancer, have they?

Man: …Uhh, yes they have.

Jimmy: Whatever Scott – your mum only brings you McDonald’s for lunch because she thinks you’ve got no friends.

Man: Nuh-uh, she thinks I’m special!

Jimmy: I prefer not to be forced to wear a hat by a totalitarian society anyway. Jimmy gets up and starts to run into the playground, shouting…

Jimmy: ‘Viva la revolución!’ Without even making it a few meters, a female teacher instantly intervenes.

Teacher: Hey! Sit down on that bench or you’re getting detention!

Jimmy quickly runs back to sit on the bench. The two students look at him.

Man: I don’t know what to tell ya, Jim. It’s no hat, no play – they’re the rules.

The two kids walk away.

Background blurs as text overlays: “No jab, no play. Book in your vaccination now, and we can all get back to normal.”

And finally for today (there’s always one, isn’t there)…

“AZ nature intended”

Creator: David Genius, Genius Marketing (not their real name or company apparently)

The concept is that the AZ vaccine is superior to the Pfizer vaccine. The Pfizer vaccine uses new mRNA technology that re-writes your DNA and is scary. It also shrinks your cock.

The AZ uses old-school traditional methods where the protein is injected directly. It’s like the spiritual naturopath version of Pfizer that even the hippies will love. See the following marketing material for more information.

Check out more of the entries here and here!

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The Good AZ Gold Adland Challenge

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