Good AZ Gold Adland Challenge: Here Come The Ideas!

Good AZ Gold Adland Challenge: Here Come The Ideas!

To say we’re overwhelmed by the response we’ve had to the Good AZ Gold Adland challenge would be like Noah saying, “It looks like we’re in for a spot of rain.”

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry and, likewise, thanks to anyone else who sent us words of encouragement and enthusiasm!

Like any good campaign, it needs to invoke an avalanche of sentiment, and already we can feel the tide turning, other than the odd nutter in Byron Bay.

So, what have we got? Over the next few weeks, B&T will start dropping the campaign ideas and we’ll see what you all think.

Our hope remains some of the better ideas will get picked up by our dear friends in production and media and even grace us with their fully developed splendour. Who knows? Maybe even our beloved politicians might get behind one or two of them.

With no further ado, here’s the first lot of ideas:

“The freedom march”

Creator: Felipe Pedroza

The idea here is to show a gathered group of people in what may look like a dramatic march for their freedom all we see is their backs, all with their sleeves up.  Then, showing them lining up at the entrance of the vaccination centres, and it’s not the angry mob it looked to be at the start.

Showing a list of locations where the marches will be taking place, these locations are the walk-in vaccination centres. Or, people can call now to book their next march.

“Don’t Miss The Movie”

Creator: Gem Harriss, The Media Store

A re-do of The Simpsons episode “Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie”, replicating that feeling of FOMO where Bart doesn’t see the movie while he gets the chance and misses out on seeing it until he’s old.

Because you didn’t get the jab promptly, you’re seeing the people around you go to that movie everyone is talking about, that amazing new restaurant, the music festival with the best line-up. Watching all the people around you doing whatever they want because they got the vaccine. Mirroring what is happening in New York and Paris, and potentially Sydney, where restaurants, bars, cinemas only permit vaccinated guests.

What if they implemented that tomorrow, and you didn’t have the vaccine?

“AZA – AstraZeneca Australia / AZ AZ AZ, Oi Oi Oi”

Creator: Simon Derham, Thirst Creative

Check it out here.


Creators: Ron Mather and Christine Barnes, It’s The Thought That Counts

We are pleased to submit our campaign recommendation for a COVID vaccination campaign. Our campaign has been created by one of the industry’s most celebrated and awarded creatives, Ron Mather.

The campaign reminds viewers of the restricted lives they are living during lockdowns, and points out the frustrations and sadness of those restrictions. It then provides a solution that can release them from that world and those restrictions. And it’s a simple solution.

The powerfully emotive campaign, like most successful campaigns, identifies a problem and then offers a solution.

It’s a campaign that offers hope. A campaign that gives a beautifully simple call to action. A campaign that is optimistic.

It gives viewers a very clear scenario – live in a world of isolation and restrictions or get vaccinated and enjoy the freedoms we have, in the past, taken for granted.

The message is not hidden in complex production techniques or treatments. The visuals are strong and compelling.

We would have a soundtrack behind the radio and TV/video with a voice-over that calmly tells the story of the option we all have to give ourselves a safer life.

With our enormous experience in getting results for our clients, we are confident the “Vaccination Beats Isolation” campaign will deliver the cut-through and simplicity that will convince Australia’s to get vaccinated.

Click here to check out the TV element, here for the radio element, and here for the outdoor and digital element.

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Good AZ Gold Adland Challenge

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