Rideshare Service DiDi Launches ‘Do More, Pay Less’ Campaign Via OMG! Creative & Mr Smith

Rideshare Service DiDi Launches ‘Do More, Pay Less’ Campaign Via OMG! Creative & Mr Smith

Rideshare service platform DiDi has launched its new ‘Do More, Pay Less’ campaign to encourage Australians to get out and do more by paying less with ‘low fare rideshare’.

DiDi launched its rideshare service ‘DiDi Express’ in Australia in 2018 and currently operates in Melbourne, Newcastle and Geelong.

As a relatively new entrant to a competitive industry, DiDi engaged OMG! Creative and Mr Smith to bring its ‘Do More, Pay Less’ message to life.

DiDi Australia’s head of marketing, Douglas Toy said: “Switching to DiDi’s affordable rideshare service can save passengers hundreds of dollars a year.

“DiDi’s competitive standard pricing gives passengers a ridesharing alternative that enables them to head out more often and enjoy everything life has to offer.

“It’s exciting to launch DiDi in Australia as the brand offers great value to both passengers and drivers.”

Toy added: “If your next driver is uber-happy, it’s probably because they’re driving with DiDi and therefore keeping 94.5 per cent of every fare, far more than the industry average.”

OMG executive creative director, Peter Murphy said: “Life is what people are interested in and rideshare is how they get there.

“It’s an interesting balance.

“DiDi is the delivery mechanism for passengers which provides a better experience as drivers earn more.””

OMG managing partner, Ed Brice added: “We loved the challenge.

“Nobody says I’m getting a ‘rideshare’ as DiDi’s competitor is vernacular for the category.

“By bringing the concept of ‘Do More’ as you ‘Pay Less’ thanks to low-fare rideshare, we hope in six months people switch and say ‘I’ll get a DiDi’.”

The campaign started on 27 June, 2019 and will feature across Social Media, YouTube, OOH, Radio and digital TV.

Edelman are leading DiDi’s earned and paid PR campaigns, further bringing to life the ‘do more, pay less’ mindset through social, influencer and media partnerships.


DiDi Head of Marketing: Douglas Toy

Creative & Communications Lead: Khanh Nguyen

Creative Agency: OMG! Creative

Executive Creative Director: Peter Murphy

Planning Director: Ed Brice

Art Director: Andrew Wiebusch/Lance Davis

Account Manager: Jake Tobias

Producer: Fi Herman

Production: Mr Smith

Director: Craig MacLean

DOP: Earle Dresner

Editor: Tim Parrington

Photographer: Craig MacLean

Photography Assistant: Cameron Mellor

Stylist: Lenna Boord

Makeup: Natalie Burley

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