Nine’s ACA Ambushes ‘The Honey Badger’ In Nasty On-Air Exchange

Nine’s ACA Ambushes ‘The Honey Badger’ In Nasty On-Air Exchange

Nine appears to be doing its best to promote rival Ten’s programs after an A Current Affair journo and camera crew ambushed Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins while he was on holiday in Papua New Guinea.

The episode, which aired last night (you can watch it in full here), saw ACA reporter Reid Butler track down Cummins to Port Moresby, where he’s in the country to trek the Kokoda Trail with mates.

Butler and crew arrived unannounced at Cummins’ hotel and proceeded to give him the treatment ACA typically reserves for dodgy tradesman or warring neighbours.

Returning from a swim in the hotel’s pool, Butler began haranguing Cummins over the regretful end to The Bachelor where he failed to choose either of the finalists.

Clearly agitated, Cummins pushes past the camera before adding: “Ah, mate I’ll get to that, I’m just trying to have a peaceful break.”

Butler then asked if he had “anything to say to the girls?” while Cummins turns his back on the camera while trying to enter the hotel’s lift.

By this time a friend of Cummins interjects and says: “Just, just leave it, we’ve just asked you just leave it. We’ve just asked you three times nicely. So don’t ask again, because I know you’re about to.”

Cummins then pleads for privacy and threatens to call hotel security.

“Just don’t hassle me, I’m trying to have a bloody – trying to chill out, I’m copping enough crap from people like you mate, so I just want to relax,” he snapped.

Butler then tries for one more question before getting a confronting finger in the face from Cummins’ offsider.

“Don’t ask a question mate, we just asked you three times,” he raged. “It’s going to be the last time I fucking say it.”

And, according to social media feedback, ACA viewers weren’t exactly thrilled of the treatment meted out to the lovelorn Cummins.

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