Is This The Future Of Customer Targeting In A Cookie-Less Era?

Is This The Future Of Customer Targeting In A Cookie-Less Era?

    With the sun going down on third party cookies, user data is being reassessed like never before. An ethical, human-centric approach to mapping audience behaviour could be the solution to future-proofing your advertising.

    Users are becoming increasingly worried about privacy and the use of their data, and the onus is falling on advertisers to assure the world that the data they’re collecting is secure and safe.

    This is creating a world of uncertainty for advertisers, who are all racing to find acceptable alternatives to third-party cookies while also dealing with the restraints of heightened cost of living, something that their audience is also grappling with.

    There’s plenty of other changes happening in the digital ad space, with streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+ set to introduce ad-supported subscriptions and rumblings that Xbox may soon introduce advertising in free-to-play video games.

    At a time where privacy is at a premium, advertisers are taking the time to review how they’re gathering user data. But personalisation and targeting is still important, especially with consumer confidence at an all-time low.

    So how does one strike a balance?

    Enter Fifty. The digital media company uses both human-powered insights and intelligent targeting to provide a secure site for current and future media buys.

    Pioneering a path forward through difficult times for advertisers, Fifty produces granular, audience insights and transforms them into a comprehensive package for media buyers to understand and reach target audiences.

    With an audience-focused approach, the goal is to predict where they will be, and not just track where they are now.

    Fifty’s insight and activation platform is built on five core beliefs. Fifty works hard to provide data visualisation that transform complicated data sets into clear, actionable insights. With privacy more important than ever before, Fifty is built on the idea that understanding, not tracking, is the key to effective targeting.

    Fifty aims to provide tangible results which is achieved with an insight-driven approach, while keeping an eye on long-term growth for its clients.

    Finally, all of this is brought together with some truly cutting-edge technology, with Fifty recognising that the key to success in this industry is the power of the technology available.

    There’s history to back up these claims. Fifty was founded back in 2015, and has been working for clients across the US and the UK ever since. Past clients have included Brewdog, who saw more than 900 per cent return on investment despite lockdown hampering the independent brewing industry, and Symprove, which achieved an almost 50 per cent improved cost efficiency on 10 million ads.

    This method of mapping, not tracking, is considerably more ethical than the cookie-powered world we’ve been living in for some time, and will provide both advertisers and consumers with confidence and faith in how data is being used and stored.

    It’s also important to remember that we already live in a world where third-party cookies are being shown the door. Chrome is one of the last bastions of cookie-based web browsers, which means advertisers need to act now and start embracing alternative targeting solutions.

    Fifty offers a full-funnel approach to digital marketing that empowers brands to reach any target audience, anywhere. By activating audience insight through unrivalled human understanding, media execution strategies and sustainable technologies, Fifty provides a future-proofed solution to media buying for the cookie-less era.

    Curious about how customer, privacy and targeting can intersect? Find out more from Fifty.

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