A Whole Bunch Of Designers Came Up With ‘Better’ Logos For Instagram

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Off the back of Instagram launching a complete logo rebrand – and to a frenzy of criticism, we might add – DesignCrowd thought the best thing to do would be to give creative folk the chance to come up with a better look for the social media platform.

A massive 212 logo design submissions were submitted to the site, and range from completely fresh perspectives to mushing the old and new logo styles together in various colourful explosions.

“The new logo was designed in-house by the Instagram design team. Did they get it right? What would you create instead, if given the chance? We want to see your designs!” DesignCrowd wrote.

The overall brief called for designs that were “fun and social, so users can enjoy the social aspect of Instagram”, “personal” and “fresh”, with emphasis on connecting with users and standing out from the crowd.

“Your new design should convey Instagram as bright, smart, innovative, simple.”

You can check out a few choice designs in the gallery above, and let us know if any strike your fancy.

For the rest of the designs, visit DesignCrowd’s own gallery here.


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