Vegetable ‘Trick Or Treat’ Prank Backfires With A ‘Cease & Desist’ Letter

Vegetable ‘Trick Or Treat’ Prank Backfires With A ‘Cease & Desist’ Letter

A Halloween prank that encouraged people to give trick-or-treating kiddies salad and vegetables instead of lollies has caught the ire of one of the biggest US food brands.

Young ad creative, Adam Padilla from US creative agency Brandfire, tweeted out ‘Mini Salads’ as a modern-day Halloween treat. And, yes, the whole thing was meant as a gag.

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The problem for Padilla was he used the logo of US food behemoth, Dole. Thankfully, the company found the funny side before issuing him with a stern “don’t do it again” letter. The company even getting in on the hijinks and unveiled its very own broccoli and pineapple flavoured Halloween treats alongside the warning.

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Dole’s letter (which you can read in full below) was from its vice president, Richard Jacobs, and read: “From the looks of everything, you’re using Dole’s trademark to tie your marketing and (admittedly-good) image editing skills to us, thus having the public mistakenly believe your images are affiliated with our company. Normally, we would insist that you take your images down or else I and our more formal and scary hired-gun lawyers would come and take all your candy away.”

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