Top Seven Hottest Things To Come Out Of Today’s Apple’s WWDC Keynote Presentation

Top Seven Hottest Things To Come Out Of Today’s Apple’s WWDC Keynote Presentation

Okay, now that the big Apple (get it?) presentation is behind us and we know all that came from it, it’s time to take a breather and have a better look at it all. There were a lot of cool things announced by the company in a short amount of time but, fear not!

If you didn’t have time to take it all in, we’re here to remind you (or inform you, if you live under a rock) about the best news that came out of the tech giant’s live event.

In order of “coolness” (and the author’s personal preferences), here are the most important updates to Apple’s operating systems.

1. Personalisation of lock screen

This was the frontpage news that came out of the presentation.

Finally, after the introduction of the first ever iPhone, users will be able to customise their front screen as they see fit. No more looking at that bland, single-font clock and date! Now you’ll be able to have it look the way you want, based on your own style, which can be accommodated with the image of your own choice.

Widgets! That’s it. That’s the story. Source: Apple Inc.

Notifications will also be popping up in the lower part of the screen from now on to be, well, less annoying.

As if that wasn’t enough, users will also have the option of adding widgets (hold for applause) to their home screen, switching them out as they see fit. They can add weather, calendar, time zones, an activity ring, and more.

This is a neat and easy addition which had been long-awaited by all iPhone users, who will certainly embrace it with open arms to share their creativity.

2. New camera and photo functions

One of the most impressive things shown by the company during their presentation was undoubtedly the camera’s updated capabilities. Just pointing your phone to a piece of text will allow you to interact with it in ways that were previously unimaginable.

For example, if you’re looking at a piece of text from a book or a document, you can copy and paste it to send it as a message or use it as a reference in your own writing. Imagine how easy this makes the life of us journos!

This is a cool one: the camera literally translates what it sees to English. Source: Apple Inc.

Or, if you make your phone “look” at a piece of text from another language, it’ll offer you a translation. A perfect function for your vacation to that tropical island away from everyone and everything!

You can also crop certain aspects of your photos -like, if there’s a person or animal in it- and paste them elsewhere. That’s definitely Apple showboating right there!

3. Following your team on MySports

As an avid sports follower, there’s nothing more enticing for me than being able to receive live updates on my team, whether it’s a game that they might be playing or any news about recent signings.

Live team updates? Where do we sign up? Source: Apple Inc.

The new iOS 16 system will give users the option to choose their team through Apple News and get notified when there’s something interesting going on about them.

We suspect it may not be able to give you the option to select any team out of all sports in the world from the gate, but it’ll get there eventually. The important thing is that it’s out there!

4. Much-needed updates to mail

After a time that seemed like forever, Apple have finally introduced a number of features to their Mail system.

The Search in Mail has also been updated to produce greater results. Source: Apple Inc.

This will give users the option to unsend an already sent email (say goodbye to office shenanigans!), schedule an email to send it at a later date, leave a suggestion for a Follow Up email to a chain conversation, alongside the inclusion of a system that reminds users of any important information (such as attachments) that they may have forgotten to add to their electronic communications.

All of these features will make life much easier for users and more specifically for professionals who exchange emails on a daily basis. To put it simply, it’s a real game-changer.

5. New life given to text messaging

IOS 16 (and its counterparts across Apple’s various devices) will also be bringing much-needed updates to its simple messaging system, allowing user the opportunity to unsend, edit, or delete a text message in a conversation (in the same way that you do in Facebook’s Messenger.)

The new updates to messages are very Facebook-esque. Source: Apple Inc.

Furthermore, besides all the camera-to-text functions that we’ve already mentioned above, now users will also have the option of interacting with one another in ways previously thought unimaginable. For example, they can both watch an episode of their favourite series at the same time (provided they’re both Apple TV+ subscribers!)

6. FaceTime from iPhone to MacBook without the press of a button!

Another really cool addition to the iOS and -newly baptised- macOS Ventura systems is the direct switch between cameras through FaceTime.

To make this more understandable, imagine you’re on your way home and you get an important FaceTime call that you just can’t not respond to!

The iPhone’s camera is used on a webchat that is being held on MacBook. Source: YouTube

You can answer it on your iPhone, then as soon as you get home and turn your (macOS Ventura compatible!) MacBook on, that’ll immediately detect it and switch the call from your smaller phone screen to that of your Mac, so you can finally relax those sore arms!

What’s more however, is that now you’ll have the option to use the -higher quality- iPhone camera as your webcam, even while you remain on a video call via your MacBook.

7. WatchOs 9 is your new mother

Yeah, not much to get from that subhead, so allow us to elaborate. The new system update for the Apple Watches will give you updates on how long you’ve been running, if you’ve done better or worse than your previous run, what your heart rate and blood pressure is, what your sleep habits are and if you’re breaking them, when you need to take your medication (in case you forget!) and if you’re about too have a drink too close to the time you took your meds.

To quote the popular song by Placebo “Baby, did you forget to take your meds?” Source: Apple Inc.

We don’t know if it tucks you into bed at night and heats up your dinner but, in all other aspects, it sounds a lot like an overwhelming mother. Which doesn’t make these additional features any less impressive, we’re just saying.


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