“That Is Not A Feather!” Kmart In Latest Kid’s Toy Penis Scandal

“That Is Not A Feather!” Kmart In Latest Kid’s Toy Penis Scandal

Kmart’s chief toy buyer is again under scrutiny after shoppers noticed a kid’s unicorn toy that appeared to have its horn replaced by a gigantic penis.

The toy was part of Kmart’s Dream Winter Castle kids set and was first picked up by a mother called “Ashleigh” who posted a pictured of the unfortunate toy to the Kmart Hacks and Decor Facebook page.

“Mmkay Kmart,” wrote Ashleigh. “Subliminal messages or the guys at the castle making factory were high … 2020 unicorn horn?”

However, others have suggested it’s not a gigantic wanger, but rather an odd-looking feather perched on the horse’s forehead.

Still, the unfortunate-looking toy stirred some online debate.

“This has actually made my day!” posted one.

“People! This species is none other than the Biggus-Dickus White Horse, originating from the Isle of Stiffrod,” said another.

While another added: “In what world does this look like a feather?”

Kmart has not yet publicly commented on the oddly-shaped toy.

The latest mishap from Kmart’s toy department follows on from news in mid-April where the retailer was forced to recall a kid’s diary that included a list of sex toys and sex positions.

The X-rated gaffe was first noticed by Queensland mother of four Toni Alamos who bought the Frozen II Secret Diary Make Over Set for her daughter’s birthday.

As you’ll see below, it was hardly appropriate for young children. Kmart apologised and immediately recalled the product.

A spokesperson saying at the time: “We are so very sorry – and extremely embarrassed – to hear about a customer’s recent experience with our Frozen 2 Dairy Make Over Set.

“This does not in any way reflect our views as a family business and we are investigating this situation as a priority with our supplier.

“We do hope this is an isolated incident but have decided to withdraw this item from sale just to be sure. We’ll be conducting a thorough investigation,” the spokesperson said.












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